Five Killed in Texas Shooting, Police Are Searching for the Shooter, and the Gun Grabbers for a Reason to Look Away

Friday night, San Jacinto County, Texas, Sheriff’s Department officers answered a call to rural Cleveland, TX, complaining of “harassment.” When they arrived, they found four people shot to death, three women and one man. An eight-year-old boy was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. The shooter was identified as a 39-year-old neighbor. Police suspect the shootings stem from calls from the victims’ house complaining that the shooter was randomly discharging his AR-15-style modern sporting rifle into his yard.


Police are still searching for the shooter.

Wrong Narrative

This is a shooting that should galvanize the gun-grabbers. It is a mass shooting during the course of a home invasion. One of the victims is a child. The shooter had been the subject of several complaints about him discharging a firearm. And the weapon is an AR-15-style rifle. But it won’t. Here’s San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers telling you why the media will drop this story faster than Bill Clinton’s drawers on the Lolita Express. To be clear, Sheriff Capers doesn’t use those words or anything like them, his briefing is concise and professional, but the information he provides does the job.

The suspect is Francisco Oropeza. He is not a US citizen because Sheriff Capers says they got his identity from his Mexican consular card. The subtext is that there is a high probability that he’s an illegal.

The victims are all from Honduras.

Ten people lived in the home, with “four or five” moving into the house in the last three or four days.

There are some questions about how the shooter ended up with three weapons and the results of the calls about random shooting (from the ABC story, I got the feeling that the calls may have been logged in but that people shooting was frequent enough that they may not have resulted in police being dispatched, that that is pure conjecture on my part).


You see the problems with the narrative, right? A shooting of a family by an AR-15 has suddenly turned into a discussion about illegal immigration.

Another Wrong Narrative

This is not the only such story.

On Sunday, a mass shooting happened at an “after prom” party in Jasper, Texas. Some 250 teens were in attendance when gunfire broke out.

Eleven people were shot. Did you see anything on the national news or from national gun control mouthpieces? So far, four suspects are in custody. Three are 19, and one is 18. We’ve not heard anything about a “weapon of war” that can literally blow up bodies, and because of the venue, a party, we can assume handguns were involved. The legal age for owning a handgun is 21, so how did that happen? (SPOILER ALERT: Criminals don’t obey laws, that’s why they are called criminals.) The police say the motive was a conflict between gangs.

This is another story that should have had legs, but add in gang activity, Black teenagers, and illegal weapons, and there is no narrative here the media wants to talk about.

Still Another Wrong Narrative

Step back to two weeks from today, April 15, and we have a third mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama. The venue was a “sweet 16” party of about 60 young people. Gunfire erupted — at least 89 shell casings from seven different weapons were recovered at the scene — and when it ended, four people were dead (three men, aged 23, 29, and 18, and a 17-year-old woman) and 32 either injured or wounded. Four of the wounded were initially in critical condition. What should’ve been the lead story across the nation for several days disappeared by Monday morning.

Why did this story die so fast? The atmosphere at the party seemed to have been tense:

At one point, he added, a DJ’s speaker fell over, making a sound similar to a gunshot and prompting several of the partygoers to lift their shirts to show they had guns.

An adult told the crowd that anyone over 18 or carrying a gun needed to leave. Soon after, shots rang out.

Six men have been charged with murder, ranging in age from 15 to 20, including two pairs of brothers. All are said to be related.


Like in Jasper, the Dadeville shooting has a lot of elements that don’t sell gun control all that well. There seems to have been an abundance of firearms at the party. Because of the venue, we can assume that pistols, not AR-15s, were used. All of the arrested men were too young to possess a handgun legally. We don’t know what the motive was yet because “ongoing investigation,” donchaknow?

Not Safety, But Control

Let’s be serious. The overwhelming majority of the people pushing gun control don’t care about your safety. They care about control and power. They are pushing gun control for the same reason that they push the New Green Deal, face masks, the COVID vaccine and lockdowns, electric vehicles, 15-minute cities, and eating bugs. They want to control you. If they really cared about gun violence, there would be 24-hour gun violence coverage from Chicago. Our ancestors knew from experience that an armed citizenry was the final bulwark against tyranny. These people also know that the only way they can push their agenda is by convincing you to vote against your own best interests and impose gun restrictions upon yourself. That is why they need a narrative.

The Newtown and Parkland shootings are still talked about today because the victims were mostly middle- to upper-middle-class white kids, and the killer was someone who could be easily and painlessly demonized because they were social outcasts. And a modern sporting rifle was used. None of these shootings I’ve listed above contain the key elements needed for a national cause. Because the national cause is the issue, not the gun violence, the Cleveland, Texas, shooting will quietly disappear like Jasper, TX, Dadeville, AL, Louisville, KY (The Media Will Forget the Louisville Shooting Because It Doesn’t Support the Gun Control Narrative), and Nashville, TN (Mainstream Media Finds the ‘Real’ Victims of Nashville Mass Shooting in Predictable Turn).

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