Kamala Harris Might Be Biden Campaign’s Achilles' Heel

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As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, members of the chattering class are speculating as to what strategy both Democrats and Republicans will use to ensure that they win the White House. So far, it appears that President Joe Biden plans to rely on convincing the American public that if he is not president, MAGA Republicans will travel around the country murdering people in their sleep.

On the other hand, Republicans are still crafting the strategy they will use to topple the president. Of course, much of this depends on who wins the GOP nomination. But perhaps there is an aspect of this race that could be exploited in favor of Republicans.

Black Hillary, AKA Vice President Kamala Harris, might just provide the political fodder Republicans need to discourage the voting public from supporting Democrats this time around. In fact, it could mitigate the potential impact of having a controversial candidate like former President Donald Trump seeking a second term in the White House.

The unpopularity of Vice President Harris could be the Republicans’ secret weapon in the upcoming 2024 election as they seek to connect it with President Joe Biden’s age to sway voters, according to Fox News. Despite being unpopular even among Democrats, Harris’ vice presidency may determine the outcome of the presidential election, politicians and strategists say.

Harris’ unpopularity has been a constant since she ran for the White House in the 2019 primary, and Republican strategists believe she could harm the chances of a re-election for the Democratic ticket. However, Democrats say the team is standing strong on the pair’s record.

A number of political strategists and experts told the news outlet that the significance of Harris’ presence on the Democratic ticket could be immense if Republicans choose to take advantage of it.

Former lawmaker and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard told the network that Harris “is clearly unqualified to be the Commander-in-Chief.”

“This should be a major issue for voters, but the mainstream media will continue to try to cover for her because they don’t want the American people to know the truth,” she said.

Gabbard added: “The consequences of President Kamala Harris at the helm would be dangerous and catastrophic for the American people and our nation,”

Former Trump adviser and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that the “first decision Joe Biden made as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 was one of his worst: tapping Kamala Harris to be his running mate.”

“She is the ‘least improved player’ of the Biden Administration and also the least engaged,” Conway continued. “The Vice President’s accomplishments are few, her gaffes many; she suffers from high staff turnover and complaints that she does not put in the work necessary to be second in command.”

Right-leaning columnist Kristin Tate also chimed in, referring to the vice president as “one of the most unlikable and uninspiring public figures in modern political history.”

“She was selected as Joe Biden’s running mate in 2020 to check a box, and will serve the same purpose for the Biden campaign in 2024,” Tate pointed out. “Harris herself will not be a selling point for voters.”

The 2024 presidential election is already on the minds of politicians, and the possibility of Black Hillary becoming president is a topic that Republicans could easily use to great effect if they are smart about it, for a change. President Joe Biden will be 81 years old if he wins a second term, and his health could deteriorate rapidly. Indeed, his cognitive issues seem to grow more apparent each time he is placed in front of a microphone and camera.

This puts Harris in the position of potentially becoming the next president of the United States if Biden were to retire before his second term is concluded. Republicans could argue that Kamala Harris is unpopular and not fit to be president. Indeed, the most recent RealClearPolitics average has Harris at a 54.5% disapproval rating.

Firstly, Republicans could highlight the Biden-Harris administration’s handling of the migrant crisis. The issue has led to overcrowding in detention centers, an increase in illegal border crossings, and a surge in human trafficking. Republicans could argue that Harris has not done enough to address the crisis and that her policies have led to more chaos at the border. They could point to her decision not to visit the border until several months after being appointed to lead the effort as a sign of incompetence or ambivalence.

Additionally, Republicans could point out the lack of progress made by the Biden-Harris administration in addressing other issues, such as inflation and crime. Inflation has been on the rise, with prices for basic goods increasing, and Republicans could argue that Harris has not done enough to address this issue. They could also criticize the administration’s response to the recent surge in violent crime in major cities, arguing that the administration has been soft on crime.

Republicans could argue that Harris is too radical and not in line with traditional American values. They should hone in on Harris’ record on social issues, such as abortion and gun control, to appeal to their base. Harris is a strong supporter of abortion rights and has called for stricter gun control laws. All of these arguments could be used to scare voters into voting for the GOP candidate in the upcoming election. There is a decent chance that these points could persuade Independents and moderates to either support the Republican nominee, or, at the very least, not support Biden.

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