Donald Trump's Potential Arrest Turns Into a Fundraising Boon

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As the Hill reported on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump is using the possibility of his arrest to fundraise for his 2024 Presidential campaign.

Former President Trump is taking advantage of his possible indictment coming this week by sending out numerous fundraising emails asking his supporters to donate to his third presidential campaign.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has signaled that he is prepared to bring charges against the former president in connection to a hush-money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from exposing an alleged affair during the 2016 election. Trump, who has denied the affair, said in a social media post that he expects to be arrested this week regarding the investigation, calling for his supporters to protest the possible indictment.


The Hill pulled information from a fundraising email sent to Trump supporters.

“Barricades are being set up around Manhattan Criminal Court – as our nation awaits an announcement on whether President Donald J. Trump will be INDICTED despite having committed NO CRIME,” the fundraising email sent on Tuesday read.

The email added that Trump knows “true vindication” will come on Election Day in 2024, when he says he will take back the White House. The email asks for donations, urging the supporters to send a contribution to the Trump campaign “at the critical moment.”

“If media leaks are correct, this could be the last time I write to you before a possible indictment comes down. So, I want to take this moment to THANK YOU for all of the support you’ve given our movement,” a second email, signed by Trump, stated.

On Thursday, reports indicate that this bold move has paid off BIGLY, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Donald Trump‘s likely indictment in New York has triggered a funding avalanche, with donors giving $1.5 million in the three days after the former president announced he was expecting to be arrested.

It marks a significant surge in fundraising following a slow start after Trump announced his 2024 presidential run in November.

The Trump campaign confirmed the numbers to and said the money continued to roll in, fueled by grassroots anger at the treatment of Trump.

Trump called for his base of MAGA supporters to protest on Saturday when he expected to be arrested that following Tuesday. My colleague Bonchie reported that Tuesday came, and then went, without any arrest. Then, a grand jury meeting floated by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for Wednesday was abruptly canceled.


It’s looking like another day of the reports of Donald Trump’s impending indictment being wrong. After Tuesday, the day Trump originally proclaimed he’d be arrested, passed without incident, The Daily Mail reported that Wednesday was when the dominos would start falling.

Now, that looks to have been wrong, or at the very least, the plans have changed suddenly. According to Fox News, the scheduled grand jury meeting on Wednesday has been abruptly canceled for uncertain reasons.

My colleague Nick Arama parsed out the possible reasons reported on why the meeting was canceled and surmised that the case may well be in trouble.

Bragg’s office wasn’t talking about the reason for the delay, saying “We can’t confirm or comment on Grand Jury matters.”

But sources familiar with the case told Fox that the proceedings were canceled “amid ‘major dissension’ within the district attorney’s office. One source claimed the district attorney is having trouble convincing the grand jury on potential charges due to the ‘weakness’ of the case.”

The sources also said that Trump has not been formally notified about whether Bragg does plan to bring an indictment and that despite all the hullabaloo, “there remains a real chance that Bragg does not choose to indict the former president.”

Whatever happens, Trump’s instincts to use this as a tool to gain support were on point. The fundraising numbers before the looming threat of indictment as opposed to after Trump’s post on his social media site Truth Social tell the tale, as the Insider reported.


The resulting average of $500,000 a day is almost double the daily average from the weeks before and after he announced his bid for the White House in November.

The Trump campaign brought in $11.8 million in the six weeks before the announcement, averaging out at $280,000 a day. And in the six weeks after Trump announced his run, his campaign raised $9.5 million, or $226,000 a day.


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