Trump Grand Jury Meeting Abruptly Canceled

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It’s looking like another day of the reports of Donald Trump’s impending indictment being wrong. After Tuesday, the day Trump originally proclaimed he’d be arrested, passed without incident, The Daily Mail reported that Wednesday was when the dominos would start falling.


Now, that looks to have been wrong, or at the very least, the plans have changed suddenly. According to Fox News, the scheduled grand jury meeting on Wednesday has been abruptly canceled for uncertain reasons.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has “canceled” the grand jury meeting that was scheduled to take place Wednesday as part of the investigation into former President Trump, amid speculation of a possible indictment, two sources familiar told Fox News.

The grand jury was slated to meet Wednesday and was expected to hear from at least one additional witness, but Fox News has learned that Bragg’s office “canceled” the proceedings.

Another witness was supposed to testify so it’s interesting that Bragg’s office is the one who pulled the plug. Did something happen with the witness? Or does the DA’s office want to massage their case a bit more before making a final presentation to the grand jury?

Fox News claims via sources that there is dissension within the DA’s office on whether to move forward with the case, citing the weakness of the legal theory being proposed by prosecutors. That would make sense because it is indeed an incredibly weak play.


Still, I’d be skeptical that this is all collapsing in on itself. Bragg likely didn’t come this far just to close up shop at the first sign of trouble. Plus, if Trump ends up not getting indicted, it’s going to leave egg all over his face. It’s also going to hurt the credibility of the other cases being brought against the former president in various localities (and at the federal level), something that would no doubt leave left-wingers seething. Talk about a miscalculation if Bragg can’t even get an indictment in Manhattan.

For now, we continue to wait. Apparently, the grand jury is on “standby” to meet on Thursday. Will they or won’t they? The answer will be upon us soon enough.


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