Elon Has Great Fun With Meltdown Over His Hillary Tweet, Teases More Info to Come

Elon Musk had a lot of Twitter talking on Sunday after he took on Hillary Clinton, who lied and blamed the Paul Pelosi attack on Republicans spreading “hate” and conspiracies, then linked to a story about David DePape, the suspect in the case. Not only did she lie about Republicans, but given all the hate and conspiracies that she helped to push against President Donald Trump, she should be the last one to blast anyone else on the subject.


Musk responded, “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye.” He later deleted the tweet, likely because it contained a link to a site that had speculation without evidence to back it up. But Musk’s greater point — that there are a lot of questions here that need answering — showed right off the bat that he wasn’t going to be afraid to put out things that the powers that be weren’t going to like.

The police have answered some of those questions — saying there was no third person who opened the door and that the suspect was not a friend of Paul Pelosi’s, despite what was said on the dispatcher’s audio. But then there are still questions out there: Who let the police in then if the two men were struggling with the hammer when the police walked in? Where was the security? Why was there an initial report about the suspect being in his underwear, why was it pulled back and what was he wearing? Whose hammer was it — did the suspect bring it in or was Pelosi using it in self-defense? If the suspect came with no weapon, it doesn’t sound like much of an assassination attempt. When are we going to see the video/body cam or are they going to hold that back from us? So Musk was making a valid point.

But Musk doing so, of course, caused a meltdown from folks on the left, including some of the same people who have pushed Russia collusion and other anti-Trump lies without any concern about the truth behind them.


Warning for graphic language:

Elon showed he didn’t give two figs about their criticism. He had the perfect response to Jimmy Kimmel’s attack on him.

That’s exactly the right thing to puncture Kimmel’s pomposity and belief that anyone cares what he thinks.

Now, Elon might not agree with everything that conservatives think, and that’s fine. But he’s definitely bringing a new day to Twitter and liberals cannot deal with it. They just can’t take that they lost control of Twitter. And Elon is having great fun with those tears. He had this to say about the link he tweeted out, mocking the New York Times.

He’s already finding how messed up they are and looking into election censorship.

But Musk promised even more fun with what he’s already found after being in charge for just a couple of days. He posted an exchange, indicating he found things that had been hidden from him and the court in his suit about the number of bots on the site.


“Literally doing what Elon is accusing us of doing,” one official says.

Yikes, sounds like Musk has some hot stuff there, with more to come. That’s after just a couple of days.

Imagine what else he’s going to find as he continues to look under the hood including all the censorship and banning data. There could be a goldmine about to be revealed on how they’ve been controlling things to suppress information.

Break out the popcorn, it’s getting good. Elon is making Twitter fun again.


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