Thursday Cartoon: The Eagle Has Landed - Elon Musk Digs His Talons Into the Twitter Bird

In 2021, Lorena Gonzalez, a purely awful human and degenerate California politician tweeted at Elon Musk, “F*** Elon Musk.”  Well, Musk took her well wishes to heart and moved his operation from California to Texas. He took his payroll and tax base with him, costing California millions, each and every year.


When Musk saw that Twitter was banning and shadow-banning users because the 12-year-olds running Twitter didn’t like right-of-center viewpoints, Musk promised to buy Twitter and return it to a forum for open discussion. The twits at Twitter were horrified. They still are – more so because the boss is now, in the building.

Elon Musk walked into the front carrying a sink. Besides “let that sink in,” maybe it’s a visual cue that he’s about to clean house. Either way, he’s vowed to cut 75 percent of the twit-force. When the Gen Z cryfest stopped, the employees mopped up their leftist tears and “threatened” Musk. They want to keep their jobs. Their impotent threats called to mind an Eagle ripping into its unsuspecting prey.

Musk is about to bury his talons into the Twitter Bird and I have got the popcorn ready.


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