Death Row Records Co-Founder Endorses Nathan Hochman for California Attorney General

The fat lady has truly sung on this one. When you have former lawbreakers calling for law and order, you better wake up and pay attention.



Michael Harris is straight outta Hollywood. The music industry, to be specific, whose artists are usually lined up behind every communist and social justice reformer in, and running for office. Looking at you, John Legend.


But even more notorious, Harris is the executive who financed Death Row Records, the label that gave us 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and California native son, Snoop Dogg. He reportedly gave a $1.5 million investment to the label’s co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight, much of that money probably derived from drug trafficking.

Both Harris and Knight were hardasses. Both ended up in prison for their corruption and drug trafficking. Harris was also up on a bid of attempted murder and was serving 25-to-life; he wasn’t scheduled to be released until 2028 and was denied compassionate relief during COVID.

None other than Snoop Dogg petitioned former President Donald J. Trump to pardon Harris and two others. President Trump granted the pardon on his last day in office.

On his release, Harris had this to say:

“There’s not a dime of difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes down to results to me at this point,” the former drug kingpin explained. “I don’t have a dog in the fight unless the people that’s in power deal with the people that are powerless in a respectful way.”

Apparently, Harris feels that Nathan Hochman will be the one to get those results, and who will return that respect and power to the powerless.

Hochman is running against the affirmative-action attorney general appointment of Governor Gavin Newsom. Rob Bonta took up the reigns of the state attorney general’s office in March of 2021 after Xavier Becerra was confirmed by the Senate to move into his current Secretary of Health and Human Services position. Good riddance to bad rubbish for California, but unfortunately, now the entire nation has been further infected by California’s failure, corruption, and malfeasance.


We here at RedState continue to try to warn you. Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in California never stays here. If the insanity is not squelched, the rest of America will always be the benefactors. #NewsomforPresident2024.

Bonta has had some actual law enforcement hits, but plenty of misses as RedState has documented here, and here. Suffice it to say, he does the bidding of his masters, and he has made it plain that they are not the people of California.

Hochman has made his stance plain as well: He will enforce the law. That this is the only job of the Attorney General.

“If I want to go ahead and legislate California policy, I’d run for the state Assembly or the state Senate or maybe even for the governor,” he said. “I view the job of the California attorney general as enforcing the laws on the books of the state of California, full stop.”

This is music to Michael Harris’ ears, as well as the majority of Californians.

You see, Californians are beyond fed up with the so-called criminal justice and soft-on-crime policies upheld by its leaders, who should be upholding laws and prosecuting and jailing criminals, but instead are ignoring the laws they don’t agree with and releasing criminals to commit crimes again. As the recall of Soro-D.A. Chesa Boudin showed, this is not a partisan issue. From elderly and Asian crime to smash-and-grab and home robberies, to the murders of innocents, Californians of all stripes are ready to get rid of the business-as-usual, go-along-to-get-along officials and replace them with new leadership.


Michael Harris’ endorsement gives a sobering face to the citizens affected by crime and who want laws to be enforced.


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