Civil Rights Attorney Slams Newsom’s Presidential Aspirations, Highlights His Failed Record

As we have reported numerous times here on RedState, Gavin Newsom is gearing up for a Presidential run. Whether that’s in 2024 or 2028, the Governor of California, who has been in state politics for over 18 years, and has driven people out of his state in droves, is likely to run for President.

The conservatives in California will continue to speak out about Newsom’s failures and failed policies. Recently, these failures have gained national attention as Fox News has been exposing Newsom’s record.

California resident, civil rights attorney, and Fox News contributor, Leo Terrell joined “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday to speak about Newsom and his 2024 aspirations.

Terrell said:

“Well, you know what? The good news for Americans, very simply, no California Democrat has ever won the presidency, so he’s bound to lose. But what is happening in California? There is no incentive to live in California. With Governor Newsom, we’ve got high crime. We’ve got poor schools. We’ve got the homeless problem. And I’ll tell you right now, he’s taking California for granted. He’s up for re-election, Brian, in California, but he is ignoring California, thinking that he has a chance to win the presidency.”

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, the stage is being set for a Newsom and Kamala Harris battle. As CA Assemblyman Kevin Kiley once said, “Kamala Harris has a 28 percent approval rating. This is what happens when California politics goes national.” He’s right. 

The Governor race might not be a close one, but there are several races that will be close, including the Attorney General race; as RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar noted on Monday, Nathan Hochman will hold soft-on-crime DAs accountable. Hochman could beat Bonta because many residents feel unsafe in California. There are also several competitive congressional races, and Lance Christensen has a strong chance to defeat teachers’ union-backed superintendent of public instruction Tony Thurmond.

It truly is a shame how California went from having a Governor like the late-great Ronald Reagen to now having a corrupt career politician like Newsom.

However, as we are seeing, Democrats in other states, but even federally, such as Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, are embracing Newsom’s policies. The saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation” rings true to this day, and that is why it’s important to speak out about the failures of Newsom when it comes to homelessness (inaction, allowing the situation to worsen, providing no aid to missions or hiring mental health workers), crime (appointed soft-on-crime Attorney General Rob Bonta, endorsing Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, etc), open-air drug markets, school closures, children falling behind in school, small businesses being shut down permanently due to lockdowns, and so much more harm.

If Biden doesn’t run for re-election, the Democratic field will likely consist of five-to-six candidates. That list would likely include Newsom, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Vice President Kamla Harris, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) or another progressive candidate.

The candidate from that list that has the worst record and would be easy to expose is Newsom. The GOP should welcome him to be the Democrat nominee, especially against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Gavin Newsom was bad for San Francisco, he is bad for California, and he will be bad for the United States of America.



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