Brave Books and TN Congressional Candidate Robby Starbuck Release Constitutional Primer, 'Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem With Power'

Brave Books and TN Congressional Candidate Robby Starbuck Release Constitutional Primer, 'Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem With Power'
Book Cover-Puddin', Pirates, and the Problem with Power (Credit: Brave Books)

To complete Brave Books first Book Saga series, the publisher has partnered with former film and video director and Tennessee Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck for his children’s picture book: Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem with Power. The book launches today, May 5, in Brave Books’ high quality, full technicolor fashion.

Puddin’, Pirates, and the Problem with Power–Full Book Cover (Credit: Brave Books)


Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem with Power teaches about the importance of knowing and preserving the Constitution. Starbuck writes about “Puddin,” a warrior of the Lava Tribe who wants to steal Freedom’s Law, which represents our Constitution. After successfully stealing the Law, Puddin encounters an owl named “Robby” who warns Puddin that Freedom’s Law protects her rights and should be returned immediately. Puddin refuses, and the village is burned down by an evil Lemur named “Lester,” who wants the power for himself. Puddin then realizes that “No one should have that much power. Power is like fire: it’s good in its place, but if you have too much, it will burn down everything that you love.”

Open Book Spread (confrontation) (Credit: Brave Books)


Prescient for the times we live in, as well as what Starbuck is now experiencing in his congressional race.

As RedState reported, Starbuck was one of three candidates who were removed by a Tennessee Republican Party executive committee for not aligning with the party’s bylaws. Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar exclusively reported last week that attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who is representing Starbuck in this matter, issued an evidence preservation notice to 17 members of the Tennessee GOP’s State Executive Committee (SEC) in preparation for potential litigation. That lawsuit has now been filed, and leaks to news outlet (it must be something in the water) NBC News appear to confirm that the SEC’s actions may not have been above board.

Bottom line: The Tenn. Republican Party SEC should not have the power to override the will of the people. As Starbuck notes:

“The people of Tennessee deserve to choose who they want to elect. The SEC is trying to select the winners for them just like a dictatorship. This un-American decision to strip us of our constitutional right to run for office cannot stand!”

Starbuck is the son of Cuban refugees, so this SEC action is too reminiscent of what his parents chose to flee.

“In Cuba, they have sham elections where the party decides which candidates are allowed to run. That’s what we have in Tennessee right now thanks to the State Executive Committee. My family didn’t come from Cuba just to watch America become Cuba. Not without a fight. Freedom matters.”

Starbuck knows all too well what a country can descend into when the government has too much power, so he was thrilled to delve back into his creative roots to lay out this lesson for his first children’s book.

Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem with Power aims to teach children the importance of a document that guarantees our freedoms and limits the power of government. When we do not honor and preserve “Freedom’s Law,” it leads to too much power in the hands of too few, which ultimately leads to tyranny.

Starbuck opined:

“It’s exciting. It’s kind of funny because you know topic-wise I’ve always cared about the Constitution.

“Because it was one of the reasons why I fell in love with everything about our country was that document. The Constitution has always been close to our family’s heart. Just in terms of having sort of a foundational point of what matters.”

Starbuck wrote this book last year, never anticipating that he would be facing this attack on his, and our liberties.

“Little did I know that the week the book was coming out, I’d be going through a constitutional crisis where my own constitutional rights were being infringed upon by not just my own party, but my state. So, you know the book in itself teaches kids how important it is to stand up and fight for our Constitution.”

Starbuck has been a fan of Brave Books, and they of him, so the partnership happened organically.

“They had been fans for a long time—that’s what they said. They reached out and said, ‘Hey, would you be interested in doing a book together?’

“We were monthly subscribers and our family already looked up their model, so it was a no brainer for me. It was like, where do I sign?”


Open Book Spread (Brave Challenge) (Credit: Brave Books)


As a father, Starbuck recognizes the importance of supporting companies and business models that reinforce and engage young people with conservative principles.

“I feel like Brave Books series works outside of the culture, reinforcing your values.

“That’s gold for parents, and we have to strike on that every time we can. It’s so important to support companies like Brave Books where it’s conservative, made in America, and they’re doing this all for the right reasons. Because if we support them, more companies like this are going to spring up.”


Saga One Box Set (Credit: Brave Books)


To purchase Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem with Power, or the entire Saga One Boxed Set Collector’s Edition, visit

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