Man Convicted of Brutal Sexual Attack on 10-Year-Old Will Only Serve a Minimal Sentence Thanks to Plea Deal With Progressive DA Gascon

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Fox News’ Bill Melugin continues to do fabulous investigative work. After exposing all the lies, malfeasance, and coverup of Joe Biden’s Border crisis, he has refocused his sights back to Los Angeles, and boy is it ever needed.


RedState has reported on Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón and his radical policies on criminal justice reform, as well as the victims and voters attempts to recall him. The chicken of one of those policies, refusing to try juveniles who commit violent crimes as adults, has come home to roost.

In 2014, James Tubbs sexually assaulted a 10-year old girl in the restroom of a Denny’s restaurant. Tubbs was just two week’s shy of his 18th birthday at the time. According to the Fox News report, eight years later, Tubbs, who is now identifying as “Hannah,” and transitioning to a transgendered female, pleaded guilty in January to that assault.

Thanks to Gascón’s aforementioned policy, he/she/it essentially received a slap on the wrist.

From the report:

She received a sentence of two years at a juvenile facility because Gascon’s office declined to transfer the case to adult court, adhering to one of the progressive prosecutor’s day-one directives barring “children” from being tried as adults. She could serve as little as six months and won’t have to register as a sex offender.

One would think gratitude and keeping your mouth shut until you are sentenced and/or released would be in order. But this is a twisted criminal we are talking about, further twisted by playing around with his/her/he/she’s hormones.


Bill Melugin further reports on the shocking details of a phone call Mr./Ms. Tubbs had with his/her father:

Explicit Los Angeles jailhouse recordings of Hannah Tubbs, the 26-year-old trans child molester who received a slap on the wrist last month after pleading guilty to molesting a 10-year-old in 2014, depict her admitting it was wrong to attack a little girl but gloating over the light punishment.

She boasted that nothing would happen to her after she pleaded guilty due to Democrat District Attorney George Gascon’s policies and laughed that she won’t have to go back to prison or register as a sex offender. She also made explicit remarks about the victim that are unfit to print.

“I’m gonna plead out to it, plead guilty,” Tubbs says in one recording. “They’re gonna stick me on probation, and it’s gonna be dropped, it’s gonna be done, I won’t have to register, won’t have to do nothing.”

“You won’t have to register?” her father asks on the other line later in the conversation.

“I won’t have to do none of that,” Tubbs replies.

“So what are they going to do to you then?”

“Nothing,” Tubbs answers, then laughs.

It’s sickening. According to the report, there were other conversations uncovered, but they are too graphic to put in print. Not only is Mr./Ms. Tubbs remorseless, he/she/it is also a sociopath. These are the people Gascón thinks need to be protected, as opposed to the victims.


The victim of this assault, now herself 18, rightly expressed anger over not only the sentence Tubbs received, but this recent development.

Tubbs’ victim, who was 10 at the time of the attack, told Fox News Digital that Gascon’s handling of the case has been “insulting” and “unfair” to her.

“The things he did to me and made me do that day was beyond horrible for a ten-year-old girl to have to go through,” she said. “I want him tried as an adult for the crimes he committed against me.”

She said the light sentence was offensive and hurtful and offered her “no true justice.”

“I’ve also heard that my attacker goes by she/them pronouns now,” she added. “I see it also unfair to try him as a woman as well, seeing how he clearly didn’t act like one on January 1st of 2014.”

On December 7, 2021, the anniversary of when Gascón was sworn into office, he played true believer. Flanked by his fellow Soros-backed D.A.s from other states, like Illinois’ Kim Foxx and Massachusetts’ Rachael Rollins, Gascón justified his policies.

Gascon, flanked by more than a dozen district attorneys from other states, addressed the media, saying the so-called “tough-on-crime approach failed.”

“We are trying to dramatically change a system that has served no one, not the victims of crime, not those who are accused and not the public,” Gascon said.


Bet you he cannot say this to the face of Tubbs’ victims. She would rightly spit in it.

After Mr./Mrs. Tubbs was first sentenced, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Victims Unit Lt. Richard Ruiz expressed outrage, and strongly exhorted the victim of not only this crime, but those affected by Gascón’s radical agenda to let him know that this is not right.

It was also around this time that a second recall effort to remove Gascón was approved.

With the new evidence not only of these phone calls by Tubbs, and more evidence of additional criminal activity by this sicko following the 2014 sexual assault,  Gascón is now singing a different tune.

The statement, released on Sunday, said, in part:

Like every responsible office, we learn as we go, take feedback from the community, and make necessary adjustments based on our experiences and the complex nature of this work. That is the responsible way to govern. I have always been open to learning and growing in this work. When I started in policing 40 years ago, I believed that arresting and jailing people would bring us safety. However, after several decades of work, it was clear to me that we needed a more nuanced approach. The same is true now. While I remain committed to the core values of our policies, I have seen a small number of cases that presented real challenges. As a result, we are making minor adjustments to our policies on juveniles and LWOP to allow for exceptions in the most extraordinary of cases.

Specifically, we learned a lot from the Hannah Tubbs case about the need for a policy safety valve. Rather than the usual case where a child is arrested close in time to their crime, police arrested Ms. Tubbs at 26 for a crime she committed as a juvenile. Ms. Tubbs had several charges in other counties after the juvenile offense but never received any services which both her past behavior and that subsequent to her arrest demonstrates she clearly needs. After her sentencing in our case, I became aware of extremely troubling statements she made about her case, the resolution of it and the young girl that she harmed.

Unfortunately, our juvenile system in its current iteration does not provide adequate support to help someone at 26 with this level of challenges except through the adult system. While for most people several years of jail time is adequate, it may not be for Ms. Tubbs. If we knew about her disregard for the harm she caused we would have handled this case differently. The complex issues and facts of her particular case were unusual, and I should have treated them that way. This change in policy will allow us the space to do that moving forward.


What Gascón has really learned is that the political winds are no longer in his favor, and he is acting accordingly. Rampant crime in Los Angeles, coupled with another recall effort, and the recall effort of his equally radical colleague San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin are rightly giving him pause. Just like Governor Gavin Newsom in his recall, Gascón is just as committed to his agenda, but he is telling the public what they wish to hear in order to skate removal.

Gascón is only working to ensure he can continue to do business as usual. He has yet to work to see that victims receive justice, and this egregious and heartbreaking development only cements this fact.


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