Biden's Border Crisis Is So Much Worse Than We Think as New Project Veritas Footage Shows

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The left used to wail and gnash teeth over the fact that President Donald Trump kept “kids in cages,” even going so far as to proclaim that it was equivalent to how the Jewish people were treated by the Nazis back in World War 2. Now President Joe Biden has been confronted by his own border crisis that is lining up to be worse than Trump’s 2019 border surge. What’s Biden doing?


For one, he’s hiding how bad the problem really is from you as Project Veritas’s recent footage shows us.

The overcrowded border facilities aren’t the only issue. The issue is that they’ve gotten so overcrowded that they’ve made new facilities involving some rebar, plastic fencing, and a bridge. In other words, they’re having kids sleep in the dirt under a bridge while being processed. That may sound hyperbolic, but as you can see from this Project Veritas footage, it’s a very apt description.

What you’re about to see takes place at the Anzalduas International Bridge in Granjeno, Texas.

The surge in illegal immigration comes as Biden and the Democrat Party have made it repeatedly clear that migrants from south of the border are more than welcome in America, and will have benefits for them waiting if they make it into the United States. While the left and its media continue to say that the surge is somehow Trump’s fault, immigrants themselves are saying that they’re coming to the United States because they believed they would get better treatment under Biden.


As RedState highlighted yesterday, Biden’s border crisis is so bad that they’re even dropping children from the top of the wall in order to get them across. This puts children at risk of major injury or worse, and the Democrats have only themselves to blame for their continued promises to illegal border crossers of a better life just so they themselves can attain more power.

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