L.A. County D.A. George Gascón Proves That He Is on the Side of Criminals, Despises Victims

L.A. County D.A. George Gascón Proves That He Is on the Side of Criminals, Despises Victims
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Despite his protestations and speeches, Gascón has little interest in criminal justice reform. His disdain for victims and love of criminals is evident in his actions. Gascón just wants to stick his thumb in the already blind eye of justice.

The newly elected pro-criminal District Attorney filed a brief in Appellate Court in support of … wait for it…The DEFENDANT.

That is not a typo.

Gascon, clearly confused as to what his true role is as District Attorney of Los Angeles, who swore to protect the rights of the citizens, particularly those who are victims of violent crimes, filed a response, in support of an appeal filed by the defendant after the judge refused to dismiss firearms enhancements and allegations.

You can’t make this stuff up people!

Sadly, you cannot. Between a ridiculous Governor who is so full of himself he thinks “giving back” taxpayer-paid monies to taxpaying citizens is largesse, and this dangerous clown of a D.A. who thinks he needs to fix a broken system by giving criminals full freight and leaving victims without closure, the people of California have whiplash. There have been small and large protests happening around the State, which the legacy news media, for the most part, doesn’t bother to cover. This is emblematic of the anger, distrust, and biliousness of citizens beyond fed up with government, and government officials who fail to do what the people elected them to do. Then, when the people demand these elected fools fulfill their proper role, they laugh in our faces.

With left-wing media, like the Los Angeles Times defending and polishing Gascón’s garbage directives, it only adds fuel to an already blazing dumpster fire.

Los Angeles Superior Court judges are doing their utmost to uphold the Penal Code and protect victims and their right to see justice served on the perpetrators of the crimes against them or their loved ones. Several have refuted Gascón’s twisted diktats. However, this does not stop Gascón from continuing his end-run around judicial law. You see, he has data and science (sound familiar?) on his side, so a judge’s ruling or dismissal means nothing when you are on the right side of history. He’s changing the face of criminal justice. Didn’t you get the memo?

The depth of his arrogance is staggering.

D.A. Gascon ordered the prosecutor assigned to the case against Rehan Nazir to dismiss all the firearm allegations and enhancements. After reviewing the evidence, the judge refused the prosecutor’s request. Gascon then ordered the prosecutor to file an amended complaint with all the firearm allegations and enhancements removed, attempting to end around the judges order. The judge refused to accept the amended complaint because it wasn’t based on evidence and facts and there was no reasonable justification to allow the dismissal of all the firearm allegations.

Defendant Nazir appealed that decision to the court of appeals. And, in what is probably one of the most head-spinning moves we have seen yet by the pro-criminal D.A., Gascon joined the defendant and filed a motion to side with the defendant stating the firearms enhancements should be dismissed.

“…elected prosecutors cannot effectively carry out their constitutional responsibilities if they are forced to charge enhancements and seek penalties, that, in the elected prosecutor’s judgment, do not advance public safety or serve the interests of justice.” D.A. Gascon in his brief.

For this reason and more, Deputy D.A. Jonathan Hatami, who has opposed Gascón since he took office, been subjected to harassment, and has filed a lawsuit against the D.A., tweeted that another city has issued a vote of “No Confidence” against Gascón.

This contributes to a growing list of cities, including Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Covina, La Mirada, and Whittier, who have also issued “No Confidence” resolutions against the errant D.A.

Gascón has been served with a Notice of Intent to Recall him from office, and the official petition is still pending approval before the proponents can begin distribution for signatures. But the grassroots organizers are now gearing up, training volunteers, and speaking out against Gascón’s unconscionable treatment of victims, and his coddling of violent lawbreakers.

It is imperative this cancer of a D.A. be removed.

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