The 'Great Resignation' Narrative Ignores the Fallout From Vaccine Mandates

The 'Great Resignation' Narrative Ignores the Fallout From Vaccine Mandates
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Alongside last Tuesday’s gaslighted federal jobs report, came this bit of window dressing from the AP:

A record 4.5 million American workers quit their jobs in November, a sign of confidence and more evidence that the U.S. job market is bouncing back strongly from last year’s coronavirus recession.

The Labor Department also reported Tuesday that employers posted 10.6 million job openings in November, down from 11.1 million in October but still high by historical standards.

Employers hired 6.7 million people in November, up from 6.5 million in October, the Labor Department reported Tuesday in its monthly Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

Nick Bunker, research director at the Indeed Hiring Lab, noted that quits were high in the low-wage hotel and restaurant industries. “Lots of quits means stronger worker bargaining power which will likely feed into strong wage gains,″ he said. “Wage growth was very strong in 2021, and … we might see more of the same in 2022.″

The AP’s conclusion from all this:

The job market is rebounding from last year’s brief but intense coronavirus recession. When COVID hit, governments ordered lockdowns, consumers stayed home and many businesses closed or cut hours. Employers slashed more than 22 million jobs in March and April 2020, and the unemployment rate rocketed to 14.8%.

But massive government spending — and eventually the rollout of vaccines — brought the economy back.

I call B.S. Especially since variations of this AP report ran across the usual legacy media sources like CNN, NBC, and the U.K. Independent. Dubbed “The Great Resignation,” the legacy media is running with the narrative that this is a sign the economy is bouncing back! The CNN image from the Summer of 2020 of blazing buildings and rioting, with the chyron, “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests…,” comes to mind.


The legacy media spins that job creation is creating security for someone to leave one position to take on another, or to pursue their goals and dreams. This is the same horse hockey House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shoveled during the Obama years to justify how the Affordable Care Act allows young people to not have to work for the sole purpose of gaining health insurance. She argued the government’s policies were giving young people “freedom” to pursue their muse.


Then you have the Unions and other Labor movements trying to spin the narrative that this is a call for workers’ rights and better wages, and people are protesting with their feet.

Both narratives are ignoring the elephant in the room: The vaccine mandates have upended the workforce, and not in a good way.

These “voluntary resignations” from people who refused to kowtow to the vaccine mandates issued by Dementia Joe via their employer, or employees who may have gotten vaccinated, but they are refusing to disclose this to their employer because of something called, “medical privacy,” are not even being counted among these numbers.

According to the Harvard Business Review, many of the people resigning are mid-level career employees, who had gained enough experience and years of employment to build up a pension, savings, maybe even a substantial nest egg. Having corresponded with more than a few of them on this issue, I know that they would prefer not to have to tap into either their pensions or retirement funds; however, craven employers have forced their hand, so the employees feel that this is their only choice.

The other option is to comply, and they will not.

These professionals, some of them highly specialized, did not want this. But companies have chosen to go along with the government program, and whatever federal dollars are coming their way, rather than finding reasonable accommodations to these seasoned and specialized employees.

There is also an overwhelming healthcare crisis that was created due to workers being fired because of this mandate.

Some may be burn out, but not all. Frontline workers who put it all on the line before there was a vaccine, many of them who have contracted COVID more than once and recovered, are now being unceremoniously shown the door because they won’t get a vaccine. It is nonsensical and has little to do with science, and much to do with control.

Doing the job the legacy media refuses to do, local Minnesota station KAAL.TV spoke with one of those healthcare workers who made this decision not to get vaccinated.


Then there is the unmitigated mess in the airline industry, which despite denials and blaming the weather, is part and parcel packaged within these vaccine mandates. Workers shortages and flight cancellations continue apace, while airline professionals are placed on furlough.

But not a whole lot of compliance is happening there either. United Airlines, the lead offender in this fascist play, is offering higher pay to flight attendants and pilots who will work more in January.

Doesn’t sound like winning to me and airline professionals know it, as they continue to hold the line and push back.

On Monday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel heard arguments from a group of United Airlines employees who filed a class action suit alleging religious discrimination.

A group of United Airlines employees is calling out its own CEO, alleging that he violated civil rights law with the company’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.

Monday’s letter asks the United Airlines Holdings Board of Directors to intervene and prevent the “mounting” costs of “needless litigation.” CEO Scott Kirby has defended the company’s actions as justified to ensure “safety” and argued that it saved lives.


The employees, who range from five years to 36 years in tenure, argue that Kirby has failed to make reasonable accommodations for their religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, First Liberty Institute and others continue to take on the Department of Defense to protect our service members who are refusing the jab.

The United States District Court of Texas issued a preliminary injunction against the Department of Defense’s vaccine mandate.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas today issued a preliminary injunction, stopping the Department of Defense from punishing military service members who have religious objections to the vaccine mandate.  First Liberty Institute filed a federal lawsuit and motion for preliminary injunction on behalf of dozens of U.S. Navy SEALs and other Naval Special Warfare personnel against the Biden Administration and the Department of Defense for their refusal to grant religious accommodations to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Today is the deadline set by the Biden administration for compliance with the vaccine mandate. Major corporations and some private companies have been cajoling, coercing, and forcing compliance since August, and unlike healthcare and the airline industries, the effect of these poor policies cannot be immediately seen. However, if the lawsuits by individuals, groups, and state governments, along with employment shortages and economic disruption from the Great Resignation is any indication, the longer the government and these companies hold on to their insistence that Americans comply with vaccine mandates, the worst things will get—for everyone.

It’s 2022, and Biden’s America continues apace.

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