IN MY ORBIT: Magician Danny Ray Gives Fresh Insight Into Wonder, Awe, and How to Make Your Marriage Magical

Danny Ray, Sleight of Hand. Credit: Danny Ray, used with permission.

Aside from penning two books, and traveling the world as an illusionist, Danny Ray is a pastor, a teacher, a father, a husband, and all around regular guy.

Despite all this wondrous talent and skill, as his latest book title says, he cannot make your wife disappear—or your husband, for that matter.

No I Can’t Make YWD, Book Cover Image. Credit: Danny Ray Magic, used with permission.



What he can also do is articulate the vision for his ministry (yes, “Magic” can be a ministry) and how it all works, along with building a magical and successful marriage. I had the joy of sitting down with Ray a few weeks ago to talk about his self-help marriage guide: No, I Can’t Make Your Wife Disappear, and discovered the depths of his knowledge, experience, and insight; not just about marriage, but about living out a calling, raising children, and how making Jesus the center and focus of your life works wonders to balance out everything else.

Ray is the type of person where you feel as though you have been bettered simply by being in their presence. His written and spoken words were not just weighty, but highly digestible. Even after about 45-minutes of conversation and the in-between, there were plenty of leftovers to chew on. A person who promotes, “mind-blowing magic with a life-changing message,” best live up to their bill, and Danny Ray did not disappoint.

Danny Ray, Magical Man of Mystery. Credit: Danny Ray, used with permission



Ray recently did a turn on Penn and Teller’s show, Fool Us. Had I viewed this video before I interviewed him, I might have been a little more cautious and curious. Thankfully, I wasn’t expected to be a part of one of his illusions. With using dangerous instruments like the one in the video as part of his act, it is a good thing that Ray is skilled at what he does, and practices constantly. Both disciplines that make for great magic, as well as a great marriage.



In his book, Ray explores the principles he uses in his magic show and applies them to building, maintaining, and reviving a marriage. As much as the art of illusion is actually based on a great deal of hard, hard work, and practice, building a strong, magical marriage requires even more. But taking the time, and giving your full attention and focus to it, is what creates the wonder, awe, and delight of which magic is made.

Below is the full, 35-minute interview with Magician Danny Ray for your viewing pleasure. It’s a palate cleanser from the usual politics, insight into how one incorporates calling and faith, and if you’re looking for some last-minute gifts, his book makes for great stocking stuffers!

Interview with Magician Danny Ray, No, I Can’t Make Your Wife Disappear


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