Dipsology — Beyond the Basics: A Holiday Libations Gift Guide

Some holiday ideas for the imbibers in the family.

The holidays are now cresting the horizon and we are in between the consumer landmarks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When it comes to finding some creative gifts for select friends or family with an eye on spirits, to go with the spirit of the holidays, there are some unique options out there to consider. Some of the best gifts to give are those that will end up being used — because these can conjure up memories each time they are.

To begin, the best thing to do is to get to know what your intended target prefers to drink. There is the simple fallback of getting them a bottle of their favorite sippable, and there are numerous gift boxes from distillers this time of year. But if looking for something different, explore a bit and see if something else can elevate the gifting. A little scouting mission can go a long way in delivering inspiration.

The Glass Man-agerie

Glassware is always a dependable option, if they do not already have particular vessels. If you know someone who samples numerous beer types, there are craft beer glass sets. Instead of a collection of the same design, these can come in boxes of four or six different beer styles. Usually, you can get pilsners, IPA, stouts, porters, and other variations included.

Craft Beer Glass Collection, Libbey Glass. Credit:

If they are already set for drinking glasses, a beer flight set could be intriguing for them to use when trying out a variety of labels. This set from Wayfair has a plate to write the style or brand upon, for you and others to know what is being sampled.

5-Piece Beer Flight Set. Credit:

For those who sip the harder liquors, it can be difficult in that most already have their glassware established. Some creative choices from should earn merit and usage. The Wedge comes with a silicone form that will deliver a 45-degree angled ice in the glass for a uniquely chilling experience. If you know a smoker, they also make a similar glass that has a slot cut out so a cigar can be inserted as you are sipping.

The Whiskey Wedge and Cigar Glass. Credit:

Stocking Stuffers

A manly mug will go far in being used when it is a practical and effective piece. An all-steel, double-walled mug from Mason Forge will get used. These are great for beer OR coffee, and they work well because you can grip the outside and never tell if you have a hot or cold drink inside.

You can give a better option than neoprene beer koozies by gifting your favorite foam-sucker a hard-sided, metal beer cooler. Yeti makes a number of drinking canisters, and their Rambler version for 12 oz. cans are available in many stores.

A great option for bottles or tall cans comes from, and its Hopsulator line of cool storage holders. They seem to have put thought into this beyond the double-wall construction, as it comes with a new self-locking gasket, slip-proof bottom, as well as a re-freezable insert, and also an optional drink lid so it can be used as a glass. This is useful and versatile.

Hopsulator Trio. Credit:

For something really different they surely do not have, there is a new way to drink from a can. By removing the entire lid, now you can drink from the can using the Drink Top lid opener. Using this device, you can remove the entire top with no sharp edges and can drink as freely as you would from a glass.

”Draft Top can opener” — Draft

You possibly know someone who is a shower drinker, and they are perfectly serviced here by the wall holder for their suds while they are covered in suds. The silicone holder will stick firmly to any smooth surface in the shower and will be appreciated on every trip under the spray.

Shower beer holder. Credit:

To close: while not directly drink-related, this Bluetooth speaker that resembles a tiki torch is perfectly fitting for a bar atmosphere. The LED effects can simulate fire or be synchronized to move with your music selection.

Tiki Tunes Bluetooth speaker. Credit:

Now, go have some merry holiday cheer and enjoy the spirits of the season!



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