Brave Books Releases Two New Children's Book Titles in Time for Cyber Monday!

Brave Books Launches Two New Titles (Credit: BraveBooks.US)

In honor of Cyber Monday, conservative publisher Brave Books has released two new titles: Paws Off My Cannon, and Son of Truth.

Dana Loesch’s Paws Off My Cannon is included in the six-book BRAVE Treasure Box which RedState reviewed for Black Friday.

Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The book’s character Bongo loves food, especially the mushroom-shaped cupcakes native to the island. When a pack of cannon-wielding hyenas steal their food, Bongo and the Mushroom Villagers must make a choice: take up cannons to defend their home, or cower in fear behind cannon-free zones.

“Self-defense isn’t a criminal act, it’s a human right. Inanimate objects like guns don’t kill people, criminals illegally using guns kill people. Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance.”

Son of Truth Square Book Cover (Credit: BraveBooks.US)


For Son of Truth, Brave Books partners with conservative author, podcaster, and 9-12 United founder Graham Allen. Allen takes on the role of the media, our elected officials, and progressive society in fostering lies and destroying the foundations of honesty and integrity.


Allen feels that Son of Truth’s message is vital, because of the media’s propagandistic approach in communicating with the American people.

“Imagine being a kid growing up today, he said. How are they supposed to value honesty when they’re being taught it’s okay to lie?

“To young, impressionable minds, it’s confusing, and it sends the wrong message. As a father, I want my children to understand the values of honesty and integrity. If you say something, be able to stand behind it.”

Son of Truth features the character Valor, a bold hero with a dark past—which he desperately wants to keep secret. However, when push comes to shove, Valor sacrifices his life’s dream for the sake of telling the truth. On the book’s concluding page, a letter to the main character summarizes the message of the book:

“It is better to be a truth-teller and rejected than to be loved and a liar at heart.”


Home of the Brave-Freedom Island Map (Credit: BraveBooks.US)


Both Paws Off My Cannon and Son of Truth are being offered at a discount today! Visit BraveBooks.US to purchase these titles, or the six-book series BRAVE Treasure Box.


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