Black Friday Book Review: Brave Books Partners with Conservative Influencers to Raise a New Generation of Culture Warriors

Brave Books Treasure Box Promotional Item. Credit:, used with permission

It’s Black Friday, and new conservative upstart publisher Brave Books has a deal for you!

The company is offering a limited edition BRAVE Treasure Box, which includes six Brave Books with interactive tools, and more!



Brave Books was started by conservative parents as an alternative to the current progressive agenda that is seeded into the culture.

The founders tell the story,

We didn’t want to just create good books that children would enjoy and eventually forget, but instead we wanted to create a learning experience woven into an epic adventure that will forever live in your children’s hearts and minds. This is why we have built the BRAVE Universe which is a world with both a fascinating map and cast of characters. Every month, BRAVE Books partners with a conservative figure to create a story that takes place in this world and teaches children either a topical or foundational conservative lesson.

The introductory six-book series features well-known conservatives influencers and thought leaders like Activist Mom Elizabeth Johnston, Ashley St. Clair, Human Events Senior Editor and correspondent Jack Posobiec, U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw, Comedians The Hodgetwins, and Author, Radio Host, and Second Amendment Activist Dana Loesch.

The stories are based in a land called “Freedom Island,” and each island chain spotlights a different battle with a different hero. From the Wigamore Woods, to the Coast of Car-a-Lago, to Rushington and Starlotte Cities, Suma Savanna, and Mushroom Village, the battles creatively spark discussion and weave tales about First and Second Amendment rights, Cancel Culture, The Sanctity of Life, and Communism vs. Capitalism with a child’s perspective in mind.


To deepen the reading, the conservative influencer offers a series of fun challenges and interactive games that children can do by themselves, as part of a team, or along with their parents. The books also offer resources to the parents on how they can continue to weave the truths within the stories into everyday life, and how they can teach their children to be Brave, and stand up in the midst of any cultural push back.

Screenshot of Image from the Brave Books Universe Series. Credit: Brave Books.US, used with permission
Elephants Are Not Birds
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The first book in the series introduces us to Kevin the singing Elephant, who learns the lesson that we are uniquely created for purpose, and fit in a grand design. Ashley St. Clair is the conservative influencer and interactive guide.

Little Lives Matter
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The second book in the series speaks to the value of human life, at all stages of being. Little Mobi is born with one arm, but the love of his mother helps him to overcome, grow up strong, and pursue Brave adventures. Elizabeth Johnston is the conservative influencer and interactive guide.

The Island of Free Ice Cream
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The third book in the series finds successful merchant Asher the Fox being ejected from the City of Rushington, after wolves from the Isle of Utopia spread lies, discontent, and the promise of Free Ice Cream for everyone. Jack Posobiec is the conservative influencer and interactive guide.

Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The fourth book in the series takes us to Starlotte City, where Eva the Hippopotamus offers a most creative primer on the important of speaking up, why free speech matters, and the evil effects of Cancel Culture. Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is the conservative influencer and interactive guide.

More Than Spots and Stripes
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The fifth book in the series takes us to Furenzy Racing School, where Rebel the Leopard and Madi the Cheetah learn about striving for excellence rather than grievance, and that integrity matters. The Hodgetwins are the conservative influencers and interactive guides.

Paws Off My Cannon
Credit: BraveBooks.US, used with permission


The sixth book in the series finds us in Mushroom Village where Bongo’s love of food and love of Bonnie is challenged by a pack of cannon-wielding hyenas who roam the land stealing food. Will the Mushroom Villagers also take up cannons to defend their home? Dana Loesch is appropriately the conservative influencer and interactive guide.


The six books in the BRAVE Treasure Box include secret missions, games, interactive videos, and discussion questions.

Along with the books, the box also contains a colorful map of the BRAVE Universe, an activity book, BRAVE swag, stickers, and removable tattoos, and a 99-piece puzzle.

Normally a $260 value, Brave Books is offering the treasure box for only $139.99!

It’s a unique gift, made in America and created by your fellow Americans, and a fresh way to instill conservative values into the next generation.

To order, visit the Brave Books website.


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