CNN's Latest Coverage of the Waukesha Massacre Really Takes the Cake

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, Pool

Over the past week, the media have released a lot of hot takes about the Waukesha massacre, which took the lives of at least six people while injuring over 60 others. Yet, while children are still fighting for their lives, news outlets such as The Washington Post have rushed to downplay the incident with purposeful obfuscation. Instead of spreading the alleged killer’s name and mugshot far and wide as they do in many other situations, the SUV itself has taken most of the blame.


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Of course, that’s when they are bothering to mention the story at all. As I wrote on Sunday, less than a week after it had occurred, the Waukesha massacre had essentially disappeared from the headlines. What replaced it was more mouth-breathing about Kyle Rittenhouse (a far less newsworthy story in the grand scheme of things) and hysteria over the “Omicron” variant of COVID.

Yet, CNN did manage to put out one tweet on the tragedy yesterday, and it really takes the case when compared to other purposely misleading tweets from the media on this topic.

Note, this isn’t last Monday we are talking about. Perhaps CNN putting out such a tweet could have been forgiven as not having enough information. Yet, we now know the perpetrator’s identity. We have mugshots of him. We have pictures of him in the courtroom. We have his social media history, including multiple racist rants and talking about wanting to kill white people. We also know that he did what he did intentionally. Yet, CNN is still putting out the false impression that this was just some tragic accident. It’s truly vile.

Worse, their disinformation simply builds on their past disinformation. After CNN put their latest tweet out, multiple people rushed to opine that Darrell Brooks was just “fleeing” from the police and that there was no intent to kill, a lie started originally by CNN a week ago. That’s completely untrue, and we’ve known since the day after the massacre that Brooks was not being pursued. We also know that he purposely drove his car into the parade, zig-zagging to hit more people while never slowing down.


A week later, CNN’s original false report, which started the entire “he was fleeing and this was an accident” narrative, is still being repeated, and their latest reporting only further bolsters that bit of disinformation. That’s quite the cycle they are perpetuating.

Someone should come up with a phrase that describes how heinous this behavior is coming from a supposed news organization. “Enemy of the people” has a nice ring to it.


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