IN MY ORBIT: And Justice for All...

Courtesy of the Arbery Family

The Ahmaud Arbery verdict was a just verdict. Defendants Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., were found guilty of the murder of Arbery, a Black man who the men chased down in a truck while Arbery was merely taking a run, and shot him.

The three men charged with the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in a case that brought condemnations of racist vigilantism were found guilty Wednesday of murder, setting off exuberant outbursts inside and outside the courthouse.

After more than 10 hours of deliberation, the jury of 11 white people and one Black man found Travis McMichael, the man who killed Arbery with shotgun blasts, guilty of all nine counts against him. This included malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. His father, Greg McMichael, and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, also were found guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

For once in his life (that broken clock thing) Al Sharpton had it right:

“A jury of 11 whites and one Black, in the Deep South, stood up in the courtroom and said that Black lives do matter,” Sharpton said at a press conference.

Yes, they do. But more importantly, justice and the rule of law matters, and it worked; and not because of someone’s color.

It was the same in the Rittenhouse verdict, and as I wrote on Saturday, the Andrew Coffee IV verdict. Despite pressure from the mobs of race grifters, and from a legacy media that was intent on making everything in the Rittenhouse and the Arbery trials about white supremacy, while ignoring the Coffee IV trial because it involved a Black defendant, each defendant was judged by a jury of their peers, and the juries studied the evidence and issued verdicts that aligned with the law and the evidence.

Frankly, it would serve everyone on the Left and on the Right to study what was done to thwart justice—and there was much done in all the cases—and pay attention to what was done in order to get it right. As we have heard from Kyle Rittenhouse’s interview with Tucker Carlson, Rittenhouse spent more time in jail than he should have, and Asst. District Attorney Thomas Binger not only withheld proper evidence, but tried all types of end-runs around the judge’s rulings to favor his case. The Arbery trial was complicated by the fact that more than two months had passed from Arbery’s murder on February 23, 2020 to any charges being filed against the three defendants. Like the Rittenhouse case, there was video evidence showing exactly what happened. But this did not stop multiple Georgia district attorneys from recusing themselves over conflicts of interest. Kinda sketch.

The jury selection was felt to be weighted in the favor of the defense as well, with 11 of the jurors being white and only one being Black.

In the Coffee IV trial, the prosecution attempted to paint Coffee IV as a drug dealer and convicted felon who caused the death of his girlfriend Alteria Woods after a SWAT team raided his father’s home. As my colleague Scott Hounsell so eloquently explained, police misconduct was swept under the rug, and the officers who shot and killed Woods were cleared. This neither serves the facts of the case, nor serves justice.

Despite attempts by some in the criminal justice system to poison the well, and despite the race grifters like the Rev. Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and BLM exerting pressure and influence by their presence, and their veiled, and not so veiled threats, justice was served. Not for them, but for Kyle Rittenhouse and his family, for parents Wanda Cooper-Jones and Marcus Arbery, Sr., and for Andrew Coffee IV.

What would benefit our justice system is to apply what we learned from these cases to others where justice is clearly not being served. How can we confront the corruption that is wedded into the system at all levels to allow for a just result for all defendants?

And, when a just verdict is rendered, how can we applaud it and hold it up as a bar to be reached, rather than fixating on grievance peddling and rubbing salt into wounds instead of allowing them to heal?

Which brings us to our idiot president. Joe Biden decided he needed to put on the mantle of pretend White Savior and peddle his played message of racial unity. Since Biden is a lifelong racist, that is something he knows nothing about, and how he can fix his mouth to form words to which he has no understanding is quite stunning.

President Joe Biden said in a statement Wednesday that although the jury’s decision to convict three men of murder in the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery represents the justice system “doing its job,” he believes “that alone is not enough.”

“Ahmaud Arbery’s killing – witnessed by the world on video – is a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in the fight for racial justice in this country,” Biden said in a statement. “We must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin.”

The Pledge of Allegiance says, “…indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”

Instead, Biden and his ilk are the very agents of fear and division. They don’t want unity or a nation “indivisible,” they want conformity. None of these verdicts furthered their agenda, which is further evidence that the verdicts rendered were just, and were right.

The Left is really good at showing up and showing solidarity. But will they be around after the camera lights fade? There were many at both the Rittenhouse and the Arbery trial who were looking to start riots, unrest, and stoke the fomenting of anger and grievance. The verdict in both trials and the way things were handled by the court officials and law enforcement helped to deescalate and minimize this. Now all that is left are damaged families. In the Arbery case, we have a mother and father who have to cope with the pain of their son being unjustly ripped from them. Justice served does not mean absolution or resolution, and Ahmaud Arbery’s family and loved ones have to now deal with this.

In the Rittenhouse case, we have a mother and a father who have to live with a son who will never be the same; Rittenhouse was a boy who had to quickly become a man, and now he has to navigate the scars of his actions.

And then there are the McMichaels and Bryan families, whose lives are now upended because two fathers and a son made horribly tragic decisions, and now will be required to pay the penalty.

One way conservatives and those on the right can make a difference is by helping all of these families pick up the shattered pieces. That moves beyond justice, to mercy and compassion.

“This is what the LORD Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.’ ” Zechariah 7:9


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