An Under the Radar SCOTUS Ruling Could Be a Bellwether on Roe and School Choice

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While all eyes are focused on the Supreme Court of the United States hearing arguments against the Texas Heartbeat law, the court has already ruled on Roman Catholic Diocese, et al. v. Emami. The justices vacated the lower court decision which upheld New York state’s mandate that faith-based and religious employers had to fund abortion procedures as part of their health insurance plans.


From LifeSite News:

The Supreme Court issued an important ruling today stopping New York state from forcing Christians to fund abortions in their health care plans. The ruling comes on the same day SCOTUS is holding oral arguments related to two pro-abortion lawsuits seeking to block the Texas abortion ban.

In its ruling today, the Supreme Court just ordered New York courts to reconsider Diocese of Albany v. Emamia case challenging New York’s coercive abortion mandate that requires employers to cover abortions in their health insurance plans—even if the employers are religious groups.

This mandate was instituted soon after the signing of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. The “don’t talk about religion and politics” cult of the perpetually clueless needs to understand that if we the people do not keep fighting against government instituted so-called social justice and social welfare programs, we will be fighting the fallout for decades. This case, and Fulton v. Philadelphia, the prior case which set the precedent by ruling in favor of the Catholic Church against a state mandate, reflects this. With the help of Beckett Law and Jones Day, the Diocese of Albany and other like-minded ministries and organizations have been fighting for 10 YEARS to undo the results of a flawed law that should never have been given life in the first place.

Yet, here we are.

From the preliminary report on the ruling:


ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE, ET AL. V. EMAMI, SHIRIN, ET AL. The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted. The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the Appellate Division, Supreme Court of New York, Third Judicial Department for further consideration in light of Fulton v. Philadelphia, 593 U. S. ___ (2021). Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, and Justice Gorsuch would grant the petition for a writ of certiorari.

LifeSite further reported,

The position puts Christian charities in an “intolerable position”; the state is forcing them to choose between paying for the killing of unborn babies in abortions or giving up their ministries that help people in need, lawyers for the Christian groups argued. Funding the killing of unborn babies in abortions for these and other reasons is “a grave moral evil,” and Christian employers should not be forced to pay for them, they continued.

Without relief, the charities and churches said they will be forced to either stop providing health insurance to their employees or close.

This is how depraved we have become as a nation. Government institutes laws that work to destroy organizations that do good and offer resources and relief to those less fortunate, in order to uphold the bloodlust of abortions and death. This SCOTUS ruling on Diocese of Albany v. Emami is another brick of precedent for the pro-life wall, particularly as SCOTUS hears arguments today against the Texas Heartbeat law.


It also sets precedent toward the continued erosion of Roe v. Wade. Between the scientific and technological advances that work to preserve life, and states creating laws to encourage the sanctity of life, Roe becomes seriously diminished with each law, ruling, and frankly, when people choose to embrace life, and not death. This is why the Left is fighting so hard against the Texas Heartbeat law, and is royally upset over the Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on the SCOTUS docket for December 1. A favorable ruling for the Texas law or Dobbs will erode Roe even further.

This ruling also sets precedent towards the restoration and defense of individual rights. The Left enjoys calling for cancellation or boycott of people and companies who support family, life, or right-of-center causes and political action. Conservatives and others on the right can choose to support those companies and organizations with their dollars and patronage. The rallying of support for Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Goya Foods, and other companies prove that this must be the way. However, we should have the right to support those organizations and companies, while also divesting our money from companies and organizations that seek to destroy life, liberty, and personal freedoms.

My dollars, my choice.

What is happening in Loudoun County, VA, Manhattan Beach, CA, and many school districts across the country is part of this same battle. While many concerns currently animate these “domestic terrorist” parents, there are three that are primary: individual liberty, parental input in their child’s education, and the autonomy and freedom to uphold and instill their values, not the values of the state. Why should your and my tax dollars go toward supporting an educational system that is anti-American, seeks to destroy the authority of the parents, and undermines the values parents wish to instill in their children?


While in the micro, it boils down to not supporting school district funding initiatives, in the macro, it will involve the power of the people to divest their tax dollars from a failing educational system, and into programs, schools, and educational alternatives that encourage parental choice, practical, and values-based learning.

This is the crux of both the school choice and abortion battles. These two issues will define our century.


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