Banning Abortion Is the Most American Thing One Can Do

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They say that if you line up 100 libertarians in a row and ask them each to define libertarianism, you’ll get 100 different answers. This is largely true when you begin getting into the nitty-gritty about what is considered true liberalism and what isn’t. Abortion is one of those subjects that begins a division among those who claim to be on the side of liberty.

The link between what is considered American and un-American runs the same. Anything geared towards liberty is called “American” and anything that runs in the opposite direction is called “un-American.” For pro-abortionists like Joe Biden, what Texas did with its new abortion restrictions is “un-American.”

I wholeheartedly disagree.

I consider myself libertarian in nature, but I know a lot of libertarians who would classify me as a conservative given my positions on certain things, especially abortion. I abhor abortion, plain and simple. I think it’s murder and I’m backed by everything from science to common sense. I’ve seen every argument the pro-abortion crowd has to offer and I remain entirely unconvinced.

For one, there’s the nature of pregnancy itself. I’ve written a relatively detailed look at the scientific aspects of pregnancy and how it’s not the unhealthy, life-threatening occurrence the left claims it to be. The “a baby is just like a parasite” argument falls apart pretty quick on closer inspection.

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But on the question of liberty, the abortion argument begins to divide people. One side argues that it’s the antithesis of freedom to tell a woman that she can’t terminate a life inside of her body and that forcing a woman to go through pregnancy is the ultimate violation of her personal rights. It’s an argument that rings true and seems based on basic common sense. It begins to fall apart when you really start to think about the nature of pregnancy.

The vast majority of pregnancies occur because two people decided to engage in sexual activity, and that resulted in the necessary chemical exchange that led to pregnancy. The “choice” in “pro-choice” doesn’t come at the time of choosing to get an abortion, the choice that leads to the abortion was made months previously. Pretending you’re the victim of a parasite that you just so happened to catch isn’t an excuse that flies. You’re pregnant because you worked toward that end whether intentional or not.

The obvious counter-argument to pro-abortionists is that a baby is a human life even inside the womb. Its exit through the vaginal canal doesn’t magically bestow it with humanity. Hearing its cry for the first time doesn’t take it from “clump of cells” to baby. It’s been a human life since its DNA code was assembled.

Pro-life Americans are literally attempting to stop the murder of innocent children. That this argument is still being countered today despite all the science and common sense we have on the subject is a testament to just how powerful special-interest politics is in our culture.

With that detail sorted, let’s pull the camera back a minute and take a look at the grander story. We have Americans fighting for the lives of other Americans in an attempt to allow them the chance to experience their right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. We have another group of Americans arguing that they should be able to kill these Americans off because they’re (for the most part) an inconvenient result of the actions they themselves chose.

If we didn’t have all of the narrative manipulations, this is the flimsiest excuse for murder anyone has ever had in the history of excuses for murder. In court, if someone told the judge that the only reason they murdered someone was that they brought someone to a party and they ended up drinking a lot of their beer, the judge would not throw the case out and side with the host.

Protecting the freedoms of your fellow Americans is the most American thing you can do. It’s utilizing freedom to beget life, a life that experiences and utilizes freedom itself. It’s easy to say that restricting one’s actions is the opposite of liberty, but not all restrictions are equal. A restriction on murder is hardly illiberal.



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