The Boycott Liberals Launched Against Goya Just Got Stomped by the 'Buy-cott,' Even Hispanic Business Owners Tell off Liberals

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Goya Foods CEO on Fox and Friends

The President and CEO of Goya Foods, Bob Unanue, earned the ire of the left this past week when he dared to praise President Donald Trump as a leader and a “builder” when Unanue was at the White House and they were announcing important programs to help the Hispanic community.


That got a lot of backlash from liberals on social media claiming they were going to “cancel” Goya and not buy it anymore; that their grandmothers were all crossing the company off their lists. (Frankly, I don’t think grandmothers tend to be as ridiculously liberal as some of their grandchildren.)

So ridiculous and petty, particularly with all that Goya does for the community and the fact that they employ so many Hispanic workers, providing thousands of jobs.

The outcry didn’t cause Unanue to back down from his convictions. “Hell, no,” he said, sticking to his guns.

So, how did that work out? Have the liberals run the company out of business yet?

Far from it.

Not only haven’t they taken a hit, it seems that they’ve actually benefited from a backlash to the backlash. A “buy-cott” is underway and Goya products are flying off the shelves, touted by people like Mike Opelka and Mark Levin.



Increased demand, lol.

The move also inspired people to buy the products to donate to others who might be in need.

Several people have started GoFundMe campaigns to help feed those in need.

Casey Harper started a GoFundMe to buy Goya Foods to donate to food pantries. Astonishingly in four days, he’s raised over $270,000 and has met with Goya to help figure work out all the details.

Now Francisco Marte of the New York City Bodega and Small Business Association is bashing the folks who pushed the boycott and they’re calling for a buy-cott too. They’re urging all the stores to buy Goya.

From NY Post:

The Goya Foods boycott is an insult to Hispanics, America’s largest minority group. Politicians and pundits — some Hispanic, many others painfully woke-white — are calling for a boycott of the largest Hispanic food manufacturer and distributor in the nation, a company that employs more than 4,000 people.

The Bodega and Small Business Association, which represents thousands of New York City bodegas, is not taking this lying down. We are urging our stores and customers to stock up on all of Goya’s great products.

We are calling for a Goya buycott.[….]

Did any of these boycotters stop to think about the impact their actions would have on the more than 13,000 bodegas in the Big Apple — and on hundreds of thousands more stores all over the country that sell Goya products, a staple of the Hispanic dining table? Did they stop to think about the thousands of black and Latino workers Goya employs? [….]

I’m a Hispanic immigrant, and here is one thing I know. The Unanue family, immigrants from Spain, are role models for every single immigrant to this country — a family whose achievements attest to the promise of America as a land of opportunity. Goya is a job generator, while most of its detractors haven’t done a thing to create a single job for the Hispanic community.


He then let Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), one of the boycott pushers, have it.

In fact, one of the loudest detractors of the company rose to fame when she canceled 25,000 Amazon jobs for the community she represents — a politician who grew up in relative affluence in Westchester and went by the name Sandy until it was politically convenient to be known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now she wants to cancel Goya.

AOC can go stuff it. I am proud to stand with Goya and all of the great products that the company provides for my community. These boycotters, safely ensconced in their Twitter bubbles, don’t understand the first thing about the ordinary Hispanic shopper. And imagine the sheer gall it takes to threaten a Hispanic company popular with Hispanics for expressing a political opinion.

Oof, nicely done! But it’s true. AOC grew up the daughter of an architect, living in Westchester, not the Bronx as she led people to believe when she first ran and won.

Sounds like the buy-cott is just rolling right over her and the other boycotters.


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