WATCH: Students Walk out of Loudoun County Schools, Protesting Cover-up of Sexual Assaults

Loudoun County High School (Credit: Newsmax)

We’ve heard a lot about what’s going on in Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) system from the school board, from the parents, even from politicians. Part of what parents were concerned about was the cover-up of two sexual assaults within the school system.


We saw Barack Obama downplay parental concerns in Virginia as “fake outrage” when he came out to campaign for Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s race in the state. That downplaying blew up on Obama yesterday after a judge found the boy alleged to have committed two sexual assaults in May and in October in the LCPS guilty in the first incident that occurred in May. The second case has not yet been decided. Parents let Obama have it.

Today we’re hearing from the students themselves — they’re the people who are most affected by all these policies and actions and they had a few things they wanted to let out today. They staged a walkout today across multiple schools in the school system, chanting against the LCPS cover-up that put them at risk.


They chanted “Loudoun County protects rapists!” and they asked why were rapists allowed in the schools, which is a great question and one they never should have had to ask because it never should have happened.

This is having an effect on the governor’s race, as people who always voted Democrat — after seeing what was happening here and seeing Terry McAuliffe arguing against parents’ rights to be involved in their children’s education — are now saying that they have voted for Glenn Youngkin, according to Newsmax.


It also took on national implications when the arrest of the father upset over his daughter’s rape and the denial of the truth by the LCPS superintendent was then used by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) in their letter terming parents a threat and potential domestic terrorists. They’ve since apologized for the letter, but the DOJ still hasn’t retracted its order to establish a task force to look into the threats from parents against school boards which some have called chilling of First Amendment speech. Emails that leaked also showed that the White House had been coordinating with the NSBA on the letter which leads to more questions about improper political action. On top of all that came the funny coincidence of the president of the NSBA being named to a prestigious position on the National Assessment Governing Board.

Good for the students for standing up for themselves. This never should have happened — and it wouldn’t have if the district had just been honest with the students and with the public. But the LCPS was more concerned about covering up and politics than being truthful and stopping a rapist.


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