Like Obama's 'Julia,' Joe Biden's 'Life of Linda' Touts the Benefits Under Daddy Government

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Who needs a Daddy or a Baby Daddy, when Big Government will take care of you?

The “Life of Linda” has just been rolled out as part of Dementia Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Agenda.


More proof that these idiots cannot come up with anything new. Remember “The Life of Julia”?

It’s since been memory-holed (Shocker), but “The Life of Julia” was part of President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election strategy, to show how much he cared about women. As opposed to Mitt Romney, who just wanted to put them in a binder… or in chains, depending on who you asked. The video was a literal “cradle to grave” scenario of how wonderful life was under government care control. Julia’s dependence on the government spanned from pre-K (3 years old) to age 67. Nowhere in this scenario was a father or a husband mentioned. In this day and age, do we really need either?

According to these progressive Democrats, not really.

The “Life of Linda” follows the same scenario. Nine years later, it’s apply, rinse, repeat.

Some curious changes: Linda is a pregnant working mother. What’s this—the Biden-Harris administration encouraging women to keep their preborn child rather than abort it? That’s an interesting shift in order to further this narrative. You see, the government will not only take care of her medically with universal health care, but will ensure she gets that child tax credit so she doesn’t have to worry about food, rent, or child care.


Linda’s boy “Leo” is now taken care of with discounted child care so that Linda can keep on working. Then Leo moves on to pre-K starting at the age of 3, and of course, public education from K-12. After Leo has been indoctrinated in CRT and how to be a good little activist, he can go onto college, then get a “good union job.”

Notice the lack of opportunity or choice in these options? I mean, what if Leo just wants to live off universal basic income for the rest of his life? Freedom, choice, those are dirty words for progressive Democrats. The government’s path is the only option, and the one that is best for you: take it, or take it.

There is no mention anywhere in this scenario of a father to Linda, a father to Leo, heck, a family, or a close support system. Do Linda and Leo live in a vacuum? Apparently so. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government paid for Linda to actually breed.

This is not far off the mark. Despite this scenario actually including pregnancy, the Leftist mantra is to destroy your children, whether it be in the womb before they are born, or with the gender and racist indoctrination being pushed on them in the public school system. After decades of my body, my choice, they have killed off their actual voting base, which is why they have to import them through illegal immigration.


However, this is also fraught with problems, so the Biden administration may be taking a hat tip from Nazi Germany.

In World War II Germany, the Lebensborn (fount of life) breeding program was Adolph Hitler’s premiere plan to build his master race of Aryans. The program encouraged anonymous births by unmarried, but racially pure women who knocked boots with those Nazi officers. The program expanded to other Nazi-occupied territories like France, Belgium, and Norway.

An estimated 8,000 children were born in Lebensborn institutions in Germany, up to 12,000 children in Norway and countless others across occupied countries where “super babies” had been selected become part of the German master race. The most famous of the surviving Lebensborn children is Frida Lyngstad of the iconic Swedish pop band, ABBA (pictured third from left).

Young women who could prove their Aryan ancestry were given incentives for bearing Aryan children, including financial support and privileged treatment in maternity homes. For many Norwegian women, it became a survival strategy during the war, when their country was one of the poorest places in Europe. At a time when abortion was illegal, they could also have the option of leaving or donating their children in the Lebensborn’s special homes, where the child would receive special nutrition and an upbringing and education which reflected the Nazi way of thinking. The Iron Cross award was given to the women who bore the most aryan children.


Gee, sounds just like our welfare programs. Not a whole lot changes with these socialist engineers. Master race of Aryans, Master race of progressive elites—is there a difference?

Not much.


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