Obama Website "Life of Julia" - cradle to grave socialism for America

“Cradle to Grave: Reelect Obama, he will take care of you during your entire life, from age 3 to age 67.”  That may be my slogan but the sentiment expressed, is exactly the “storyboard” on the Obama for President website on this new “The Life of Julia” segment I just read.

You had better rush over to the Obama for President website immediately to take a look at this, because I cannot  believe they will leave this on for long.

If I had not seen it for myself and you had told me about “The Life of Julia” story I have just seen there, I really think there is nothing you could possibly say or write that would persuade me this is not a made up story by some crazed right wing libertarian, religious nut, militia or some other wild eyed fanatic who simply exaggerates like crazy when he is speaking of the “socialist” President Barack Obama.

In a series of website “panels” (or storyboards) you are invited to click through the imaginary “life of Julia” from age 3, with stops at ages 3 through 67 – for a total of 12 “milestones” in her life.

Here is the chronology offered at “The Life of Julia” on the official Obama for President website, and which you can see for yourself if you get there before their “honesty” causes enough of a backlash that they take it down.  Starting with age 3.

(age) 3 – Head Start program, “under President Obama,” helps little Julia get ready for school.  “Romney will cut this” program by 20% meaning 200,000 students will lose out and so not be “ready to learn and succeed.”

17 – “Under President Obama” Julia is now on track with several government programs that will help her “Race to the Top” – another program “implemented by President Obama.  Romney would cut this and give Julia’s money to millionaires.

18 – “President Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit” gives Julia and her family up to $10,000, and I did I mention that this also happens “Under President Obama”?  But 10 million students would see their funding cut under nasty old Mitt Romney.

22 – When Julia has to “undergo” surgery it is all paid for by insurance which President Obama made her parents pay for under their insurance, and they will have to go on taking care of that until she turns age 26.  Yes, “Under President Obama.”  But poor Julia is in trouble with Mitt Romney because he’d “kill it dead.”

23 – “Under President Obama” and his “steps” like the “Fair Pay Act” Julia is happily one of the millions of women who just knows she can go ahead and “stand up for her right to equal pay.”  So, I kid you not, the Obama website says, Julia “starts her career as a web designer.”  (well it could have been worse – she could have been a nice little leftist college professor or a government social worker, I suppose).  But that awful Mitt Romney refused to say whether he would have “vetoed or signed” this law.

25 – With all that college debt (it appears no Obama supporters need to work during college), big brother President Obama made those nasty bankers stop charging so much interest – “President Obama capped income-based federal student loan payments and kept interest rates low.”  But those loan payments would have interest rates double under Scrooge Romney, which would really mess up the life of Julia and 7.4 million students.

27 – Our Julia is so happy “Under President Obama” because her birth control is all paid for by her health insurance because the President made them pay, so she can “focus on her work rather than worry about her health.”  But her cheapskate employer would cut that all out in a second under Romney and he would let the insurance companies charge whatever they felt like, ruining Julia’s happy life.

31 – “Under President Obama” Julia can go ahead and get pregnant, and not worry about it, not bother with marriage or a husband, or savings.  She can just go ahead if she wants to, after all that free birth control, and have a baby, because “under health care reform” everything is free.  But Julia will go back to being sad and unhappy under Mitt Romney, and not be able to have that baby after all, because “health care reform would be repealed.”

37 – “Under President Obama” our Julia still hasn’t met a guy who is even a regular in her life, and never mind marriage or family life, she can go ahead and have a son, and our Obama website named him Zachary, who this year starts, “Under President Obama” his kindergarten.

And do you know why?  Because of “President Obama’s investments in education and programs like Race to the Top.”

But poor Julia and Zachery, 37 years from now in the year 2049, will still be suffering painfully under if Barack Obama lose and Mitt Romney becomes President in 2012, as “steep cuts in federal funding” will destroy all the public “schools in all 50 states.”  But that’s the conservatives for you.

42 – If there are still functioning businesses in America in the year 2054, our Julia can now start her very own “web business” and no we won’t tell you what kind of web business except it will not be as an Amway Distributor you can be sure.

All of this is possible only because “Under President Obama” Julia can qualify for a Small Business Administration Loan” (capitalism has of course been destroyed by now and therefore the idea of having some money saved up to start your own business is something no one does – even if there were a safe place to bank your money).

And so, our Julia can “hire employees, creating new jobs in her town and helping to grow the local economy” because President Obama invested the money in her business for her.  But this is all destroyed “under Mitt Romney” because ht would have cut the programs Julia needs and nobody will be able to start new businesses in America anymore.

65 – After a lifetime of free healthcare, Julia now “enrolls in Medicare” and so, can now “afford preventive care and the prescription drugs she needs.”  One presumes she will no longer need the free birth control.  But poor Julia, “under Mitt Romney” will pay “$6,350 extra per year” for her insurance because Medicare “could end as we know it.”

67 – Julia “receives monthly benefits that help her retire comfortably” and unlike what would happen to her if nasty Romney were elected President, our Julia won’t be “worrying that she’ll run out of savings.”  And so, Julia can now “volunteer at a community garden” which is not to be confused with a Gulag Archipelago or a North Vietnamese reeducation camp.  But “under Mitt Romney” Julia’s “benefits could be cut by 40%” and make her suffer terribly.

This “Life of Julia” just went up on the Obama website but already has 1,100 “facebook likes” and 141 “tweets” and now, this new Obama for president website section has its very first RED STATE recommendation.

Honestly, I did not make any of this up.  This is not fantasy.

I’ve written several times during these past 10 weeks at RED STATE, that the left hates all of us, and feels that there’s really no difference between Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  So those less than bright lights in our midst who say that same thing – that their candidate is the One True One and nothing else will do, and all the rest are “the same thing,” have simply echoed exactly what Barack Obama says.

They don’t see any difference and if for a second you think there’s none, I invite you to go to the Obama website, read the literal truth about the “cradle to grave” socialism of Barack Obama, and then ask yourself: would a Republican Senate, House and President, do the same thing?

This website story illustrates as good as anything I’ve ever seen, why you and I should be afraid, very afraid, about a reelected and more “flexible” Barack Obama.

Values voters will notice that the major events of Julia’s life do not include a boyfriend, marriage, a family or even parents or church.

Economics minded conservatives will note nothing at all about what kind of economy will there be under President Obama, and what are Julia’s prospects for increased earnings and later for success in business?

Constitutional-minded conservatives will be alarmed when they consider that nothing is said in this story about any limits on government power and authority.

And defense minded conservatives will wonder how safe is Julia and her child (and non-existent family) going to be with a national security which has been totally demolished?

Most of all, my Christian friends would remind you that the path to heaven is not paved on a road built from the good deeds and the money you took from other people to do charitable works, or make possible a better sex life for the 30 year old student lawyer at Georgetown School of Law, or a better “Life of Julia.”

You make your own choices in how you use your time and your money, you build your own life, and if you are a Christian or agree with Rick Santorum about “the centrality of faith” in your life then you give unselfishly of yourself, to help those in need, not because they deserve it, and not because somebody made you do it, but because what you do for the least, He said, you do for me,

If you understand the point about “the centrality of faith” then you give to others (and Julia gives nothing to charity, to her Church or the less fortunate) because if you do believe we are all of us, the sons and daughters of a King, then each of us is a prince and a princess, and a brother and sister to the rest of humanity.

The Life of Julia demeans us all as human beings, is pure socialism, and is a nightmare vision of the future if Barack Obama is reelected.

I thought as a good Instructor of Saul Alinsky’s Chicago based Institute in the past, and the smoothest liar ever to make it to the White House, Barack Obama knows to lie about his real intentions and purposes, as he did to win in 2008.

But the “Life of Julia” tells you plainly his vision for America, both in what he says are the significant events in “the life of Julia” as well as by his omissions – what is missing from her life.

The Obama nightmare vision of “The Life of Julia” is as good a reason to vote for Mitt Romney and to pray that he wins, as anything I have ever read.  And you better rush over there to take a peek because somebody over there may say WHOA what’s with this “honesty” thing, quick, TAKE THAT JULIA THING down at once!


Thus ends my 10th week writing five times a week at RED STATE, on weekdays, and 53 articles, 119,169 words, averaging 2,248 words per article.  Don’t know if I will continue that pace in the future.  But I made a commitment to some Christian conservative activist friends in Pennsylvania to lend a hand and today, the “National Day of Prayer” marks the end of the 10th week of keeping that promise.  Didn’t say I’d do it forever, and not sure about the future, but I have enjoyed the experiment here and on Facebook, and I do appreciate those who have taken the time to read my offerings, and especially those who have taken the time to comment or to “recommend” me to others during these past 70 days.

HanoverHenry of RED STATE is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there. You can also communicate via private mail at Facebook, and I welcome new sources for my articles focusing on the conservative-Christian viewpoint in Pennsylvania.  I appreciate your sharing this article elsewhere and only ask that you include this “disclaimer” in any reprints or sharing you do (if this is reprinted on any other website, that is).  And I thank those whose information have helped me with some of my reports, including those who do not wish to be quoted by name.

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