UPDATE: A Siemens AG Employee Shares Their 'Exemption' Letter, Bringing More Fire to the Fight Against Vaccine Mandates

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Thanks to Siemens AG employee TJ Whittaker and his bravery, as he desired, a fire has been lit under his fellow employees over the corporation’s enforced vaccine mandate.


Since RedState published its EXCLUSIVE: Siemens Would Rather Repeat History Than Learn From It With Its Employee Vaccine Mandate, other employees of the conglomerate have reached out, wanting to have their voices heard.

Sarah is one of them. Sarah is an armed forces veteran who has worked for Siemens for over 20 years. Sarah is part of the employee group who does not have a medical reason or a religiously-affiliated reason for not wanting to take the jab. Sarah has her own reasons for being opposed to the mandate, and she chose to submit an exemption request to make these reasons known to the company.

Sarah made it clear, “though I am not overtly religious, I do hold sacred my body and what goes into it.”

As is her right as a divine creation and a citizen of the United States.

Sarah wanted to share the religious exemption letter she submitted to Siemens USA human resources. It is well-written, quite powerful, and gives the clear and distinct message that government mandating what she must do to maintain employment is wrong, and she will not have it.

“In order to stay employed, I have to submit an exemption request – not sure how companies are able to judge my beliefs, but apparently they intend to.  So, below is what I am submitting:

It’s interesting, because I never thought, as an American citizen, I would have to justify My body My choice.  But apparently, I do.  I was born and raised Maronite Catholic.  However, my religious beliefs are more than a secular religion.  It is a contract between me and my creator, God.

God blessed me with a vessel, my body; and charged me with the responsibility of stewardship over my body.  I take that responsibility seriously.   In so doing, I do my research thoroughly.  One of the interesting aspects of this year was the amount of knowledge I have gained regarding the scientific community and how they operate. 

A startling realization has been the revelation as to the number of pharmaceuticals that contain aborted fetal tissue.  This should be abhorrent to every human.  We are not cannibals.  I am not a cannibal.  And therefore, I cannot risk ingesting fetal tissue from aborted babies.  I do not take any medication.  And with this newfound knowledge, I have no intention of starting now.

As to the “vaccine”, it’s efficacy is almost 0.  It neither prohibits nor deters the reception or transmission of Covid-19.  It is also showing to have a effectivity life of anywhere between 4-6 months.  Therefore, the question becomes how often are we going to be coerced into getting “booster” shots?   Additionally, all the scientific data is now showing that the vaccinated populations are at risk of more severe infection than those that have chosen to be unvaccinated.  Whereas the unvaccinated are reaching natural herd immunity, with greater efficacy and longevity.   I could use the next several pages to provide documented proof, scientific data, and religious texts.  Which I am happy to provide, if needed.  However, I would assume most people are aware and doing their own research, as opposed to just blindly following.  This is not to say that others should or shouldn’t be vaccinated, it is a personal choice.  And one that should be respected.

Religion is more than prayers or psalms, it is a realization of the sanctity of life, my life.  It is my responsibility and mine alone to ensure the best life I can live, and that includes my health and my health choices.   Science should never be used as a weapon.  However, it is being used now.  The people responsible at the CDC and NIH have both professed to not having studied natural immunity.  That is completely counter to scientific analysis.  As a company with a long history of scientific achievement, this should be obvious.

The justification of government contracts to be used as coercion is abhorrent.  I would expect a company as large as Siemens, and with a history as long as Siemens’, would understand this, and would stand up for human rights and human dignity.  I am saddened by this decision, and disheartened that I have to choose between a 20-year career of dedicated service or my free will.  Having been born on the 4th of July, and having served 8 years in the US Army, I will always choose Free Will.  My religion is founded in our constitution:  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   Forcing an injection on someone who has already achieved natural immunity goes against my religious beliefs, The US Constitution, and basic human decency.”


Mic drop.

We have not heard the last of the employees of Siemens AG. Even more heartening, employees from other corporations are also reaching out. It’s not just about airlines anymore.

Our government’s overreach has awakened a sleeping giant, one in which they are ill-prepared to handle, and would be foolish to ignore.


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