Latest Undercover Pfizer Video Possibly Bolsters Religious Exemption Claims

AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

Project Veritas has been rolling out a series of undercover videos exposing discussions that have been going on behind the scenes at Pfizer. As RedState reported recently, one video revealed the vaccine manufacturer’s purposeful obfuscation on the existence of natural immunity, something the federal government has also been guilty of.


Now, another video has dropped, and it involves how fetal tissue played into the development of the vaccines. According to Melissa Stricker, a Pfizer employee, emails show that the company was concerned with people finding out about an aborted fetal tissue line being used in testing.

There are some caveats here, and they may or may not matter to you depending on your outlook and beliefs. For clarity, the argument over whether the tissue in question can actually be described as aborted fetal tissue is complicated. Further, Project Veritas does speak accurately about what’s being discussed, which makes Twitter’s warning label on the video all the more dishonest.

To continue the explanation, what we are talking about here is aborted fetal tissue that was harvested decades ago. Those tissue cells were used to create artificial lineages that are grown in laboratories. Those are what are used today by drug manufacturers, not just in regards to vaccines, but all kinds of drugs. In other words, the tissue used to test and produce the vaccines today does not come from an actual human, but its creation can be traced back to cells harvested 30-40 years ago.

But here’s the thing, in my view. If someone finds that religiously objectionable, they should have the right to their beliefs and not take the vaccine. That’s especially true given we know that everyone spreads COVID anyway, including the vaccinated. Thus, vaccination is purely an issue of one’s personal acceptance of risk.


If someone wants to accept that risk and not get vaccinated, they do not become dangerous to others because COVID spread is universal. Even CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky has admitted that. Vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, etc. under the guise of community welfare make no sense whatsoever. The existence of natural immunity in tens of millions of people is also a factor in decision-making when assessing risk.

In short, no one should want the government to have enough power to disqualify religious exemptions on a whim based on some misguided notion of the greater good. That’s a recipe for more and more encroachment. And frankly, I don’t care if some religious entities, many of which have become highly politicized, say there’s no conflict with belief here. This should be an individual decision, and I can understand why some might have an issue.


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