IN MY ORBIT: Sinema, Manchin, and Yang Are Not the Mavericks Dems Have Been Looking For

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Several of my colleagues have written about the attacks on Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona (D-Badass), and Joe Manchin of West Virginia (D-Bulwark), because of their choice to go against the grain of their party. Both have given thoughtful and principled reasons why they will not vote for Biden’s “Build Back Better” $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan unless certain changes are made, and both senators have stated what changes are required for them to vote “YES.” In my mind, a lowered price tag is not an unreasonable ask. Neither is rolling back the union-fed measures Democrat leaders are trying to stuff into this bill that kill independent contracting and small businesses.


There was a time when the Left and the media loved a Maverick. They crowed, cheered, and gave lots of press to the late AZ Sen. John McCain when he stuck his thumb in the eye of then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s or former President George W. Bush’s agenda.

But when their side makes the same Maverick moves? Ehh, not so much.

This weekend, protestors in West Virginia went out on boats and kayaks to protest in front of Manchin’s yacht.

The groups protesting included  Greenpeace USA, Young West Virginia, Race Matters WV, CASA, and the Center for Popular Democracy Action were outside the “Almost Heaven,” bearing banners reading, “No Climate No Deal,” and “Don’t Sink West Virginia.”

Kayakers and boaters came together in unity in their support for investments into healthcare, climate action, and jobs in the Build Back Better Act.

“West Virginians have been trying to reach Sen. Manchin every way we know how to tell him we need this bill to bring jobs to WV, to extend the Child Tax Credit for our families, to expand access to healthcare, to fund the home care our elderly and disabled community members deserve, Loretta Young, the executive director of Race Matters WV, said in a statement 79% of West Virginians want this bill! And yet, Sen. Manchin is still blocking it. He’s not listening to us, he’s listening to Big Money. That’s why we’re here at his yacht in DC today. The faith community back in WV is now praying and fasting throughout the month of September. When human intervention doesn’t do the job, what else is there but divine intervention?”


Meanwhile in Arizona, Sinema was confronted all weekend by activists who needed to let her know how displeased they are with her stance. As if she is not aware of this already.

Sinema was at Arizona State University (ASU) teaching her regularly scheduled class, when another group of activists literally found a way onto the locked ASU campus, invaded her classroom, and then followed Sinema into the bathroom, all the while videoing her.

A bit much, don’t you think? The last person I would give ear is someone who tries to confront me in the bathroom. Sinema is a class act, because had it been me, the protestors might have been subjected to a DNA sample.

Then on her flight back to D.C., Sinema was confronted and videoed by a DACA recipient in flight, then confronted by protestors in the airport as she headed toward Capitol Hill.

Of course, these same geniuses cheered when in 2018, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a D.C. restaurant because they didn’t like who she worked for. They were also radio silent when that same year Rep. Maxine Waters not only cheered the ill treatment of Sanders, but encouraged people to get in the face of the then-Trump administration and any of their supporters, and let them know they were not welcome.


But Mad Maxine can have her Maverick crazy credentials. Manchin and Sinema? Not so much.

It’s a disconnect of the highest order. Apparently the title of Maverick only applies when you are agreeing with your party’s agenda and disagreeing with those whom they cannot tolerate. But when you go outside the fold and dare disagree with or hold up their agenda? Well, you just get what you deserve.


That’s pretty much what Dementia Joe Biden had to say. It’s “part of the process.”


Then there are the pussy hat crew who see a war on women around every corner, but are strangely quiescent on this particular battle in the war. This Jezebel writer’s hypocrisy is quite stunning:

And in this little gem from 2018, Emma Vigeland waxes eloquent concerning Christine Blasey-Ford’s testimony during the Kavanaugh hearings:

Emma Vigeland


Sep 27, 2018

Purely on a human level, how can you not believe Christine Blasey Ford when she speaks? The authenticity is so clear, as is the fear and trauma in her voice. The idea that she’s doing this for attention is so fucking ludicrous and offensive. #KavanaughHearings

Versus 2021, where Kyrsten Sinema being harassed by, wouldn’t you know it? Other women. The only words Vigeland has for Sinema are, “Tough sh*t.”


So precious.

But Democrats are not only bitter over their Electeds who don’t toe the line, they are nasty to those who leave the reservation completely.

Former Democrat presidential candidate and New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang also trended in the news today, because he left the Democrat Party. I wrote about his blog post explaining why he changed his party registration from Democrat to Independent. Yang was a fresh face on the Democrat front, and resonated as much as Bernie Sanders among the Millennials and Zoomers. Most of his ideas are total left-of-center garbage, (UBI anyone?), but he also expressed an openness to ideas, and an openness to challenge the status quo. Probably part of the reason, aside from his policies, that he didn’t get very far in either of his races. Yang lacked that certain ideological fervor required to be a mouthpiece for the Democrat agenda. Yang also actually desires to bring solutions to the political process, and that’s something the political class cannot tolerate. They want solutions as much as Biden & Co. wants to reduce their $3.5 trillion porkulus bill.

This type of thinking makes Yang a Maverick, but this is so unacceptable to his chosen party that Yang decided to walk away. Much of the commentary from the peanut gallery? Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out.


Real Democrats are only Mavericks when they stick it to the chosen enemy, and not muck up the agenda of their own party. So run along, Manchin, Sinema, and Yang. These are not the Mavericks your party is looking for.

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