Feel-Good Friday: The Thompsons Become the Change for Two Sets of Twins in Foster Care

Feel-Good Friday: The Thompsons Become the Change for Two Sets of Twins in Foster Care
Karen and Tobias Thompson Adopts Two Sets of Twins (Credit: WLWT)

Film, television, and the legacy media loves to talk about what is wrong in the Black community, and often dismisses or distorts images of the Black family and Black culture. Far too often, what is presented as Blackness is cast in a negative light.

So, this story of a Black couple who adopted not one set, but two sets of twins is the stuff worthy of a TV series treatment.

From Fox News:

A couple has adopted two sets of twins in one day in order to keep siblings together while “spreading the love.”

Karen and Tobias Thompson, both 55, from Cincinnati, Ohio, adopted 14-year-olds Wilnya and William and 9-year-olds Shania and Sharleathea last week.

The couple had been caring for William and Wilnya, who are Karen’s twin nephew and niece, since 2015, Karen told Fox News.

Roughly one year later, the Thompsons began fostering William and Wilnya’s half-sisters, Shania and Sharleathea, who are also twins.

“We had an empty house, an empty nest, and then we ended up with the four,” Karen told Fox News.

Tobias and Karen Thompson dated as teenagers, but ultimately went their separate ways, marrying other people. Years later, finding themselves single once again, they reconnected and rekindled their romance, tying the knot in 2014. Together they had seven children from their previous marriages, all adults and out of the house with children of their own. The Thompsons are grandparents to 28, with three great grandchildren.

Their quiver was not only full, but overflowing.

Most couples would kick back, and enjoy their empty nest and all the options that being child free brings. But the Thompsons chose to step up to more parenting, rather than step back.

About a year into their marriage, the Thompsons found out that William and Wilnya were having some trouble at home, so Karen and Tobias took them in. Soon after, the couple heard about Shania and Sharleathea, who were in the foster system and were constantly being moved around, so the Thompsons let them come visit.

“They didn’t want to go home, back to the other foster home,” Karen said.

That’s when Tobias recommended they become foster parents so they could care for Shania and Sharleathea, too.

“They’re family, so we might as well keep them together,” Karen said.

The first set of twins, Sharleathea and Sharnia, are their nieces, actual blood relatives. The second set of twins, William and Willya, are the half-siblings of the first set of twins, but not related directly to the Thompsons. It takes a huge heart to desire to repair what has been broken, and give stability to a child’s unstable beginnings. After five years together as a newly created family, the Thompsons’ adoption of the two sets of twins was finalized on September 9.

“You can see the difference,” Karen said. “They have been through a lot… this is the light at the end of the tunnel.”


Karen said her and Tobias’ biological kids are all “really doing good in their lives,” so adopting the two sets of twins was their way of “spreading the love.”

“We give them that time and attention,” she said. “Even though we have two full time jobs, we still make time for them.”

According to a 2019 Statistica study, there were over 97,000 Black children in the foster care system. Blacks make up a little more than 13 percent of the population, but Black children represent 23 percent of the foster care system.

What a huge blessing that Karen and Tobias Thompson chose to make a difference in four young lives, by moving them out of the system into a loving home. The Thompsons represent the change they want to see in the world.

After a week of difficult, disturbing, and maddening news, this is a feel-good story worthy to end it.

Happy Friday!

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