Tammy Bruce Speaks Inconvenient Truth About Biden's Handling of Afghanistan

Tammy Bruce Speaks Inconvenient Truth About Biden's Handling of Afghanistan
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Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce was spitting fire last night on Fox News’ The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, over the Fall of Afghanistan. Bruce made some key distinctions between how then-President Trump’s foreign policy moves were treated by the media, and how this current debacle is being covered and actually unfolding.


That was the argument: That the establishment knows how to do things. That Donald Trump was out of control. That he had no idea, and has no idea, how to run things. The man who gave us the Abraham Accords. The man who dealt with Soleimani, who dealt with Al-Baghdadi. Who sent message after message about strength, and vision, and commitment. That you didn’t need to do that with boots on the ground. That you could still manage the monsters among us economically with sanctions, with cutting off the heads of leadership, with doing all that you needed to do without putting even more Americans at risk.

And we were told of course, that Trump was the maniac. All of this was projection. What we have here now though is even more concerning, Steve, because… and your monologue was right on the mark. Is that while we’ve got a president who clearly is weak, my concern is, and even in the video showing him answering those questions, I don’t think Biden has the capacity to be lying about this. I think he is saying what he has been told.

That is not a surprise, but no less frightening, because we do not know who the person behind the curtain is, or even scarier—whether anyone is behind it at all.

Any words from Press Secretary Jen Psaki? Nothing she feels the need to circle back to?

Like roaches who scramble when the lights are turned on, they’ve crawled into the crevices and out of sight.

Yet, when Dementia Joe was first sworn in, the media and the Biden administration crowed about the “adults are back in charge”.

If this mumble, excuse-making nonsense, duck, cover, and hide is adult behavior, then let’s all remain naïve children, hmm?

As my colleague Bonchie wrote:

This should be a lesson for everyone. The establishment in Washington is made up of idiots, not brilliant tacticians. From Joe Biden to Jake Sullivan to Antony Blinken, and that’s just dealing with the foreign policy side, the administration is stocked full of clowns who wouldn’t know how to strategize their way out of a paper bag. The media were so blinded by their own jubilance in Trump’s demise that they lied to everyone about what was coming.

Now, we are seeing the fruit of that. The next time someone says the “adults are back in charge,” run the other way.

We have chaos theater all around. Crime is surging from all corners of the nation with stores being looted on a daily basis, children being murdered, and the elderly being targeted and mugged on the street. We have a border flooded with COVID-positive illegals, the cartels, human trafficking and drugs.

We are watching the Taliban reestablished in a flash, wreaking chaos and bloodshed in Afghanistan because of a poorly timed and orchestrated withdrawal by President Joe Biden, overseen by his National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Biden blames the intelligence communities, his cabinet is blaming Trump—and VP Kamala Harris, yet no one is questioning the finger-pointing of someone who, when asked whether this would be another Vietnam, claimed:

“The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese army,” he said.

“They are not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There is going to be no circumstance in which you are going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.”

President Lyndon Baines Johnson can now rest in peace as the mantle of incompetent failure in a foreign war can be draped around the shoulders of President Joseph Robinette Biden.

In 2018, with the departure of Nikki Haley as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, the Guardian breathlessly penned:

That’s the story of Donald Trump’s foreign policy team. In his 22nd month in office, the president is on his third national security adviser and second secretary of state. Now, Trump has to fill yet another national security position: a new US ambassador to the United Nations.

The resignation of US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley came as a surprise to everyone, including apparently the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and White House   staff. While many senior officials leave after two years, the resignation announcement of a cabinet member immediately before midterm elections is rare. The speculation is already rampant: was Haley fed up with the chaos of the Trump administration? Was one of Trump’s daily affronts to basic decency and democratic norms finally too much? Is she planning to run against Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary, despite claims to the contrary?

As we learn more in the coming days and months, one thing is clear: the Trump administration’s foreign policy is in chaos, and there’s no one minding the store.

Not unlike in an autocracy, US foreign policy is hostage to the erratic whims of the president, directed by Trump tweets and what he sees on Fox News.

No one minding the store, eh? So, who exactly is minding the store now? Raggedy Jen Psaki is on vacation, and her deputy stooge has nothing to say. Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t want to be blamed for this mess.

Why are we not hearing anything from President Joe Biden? So much for leading on Day 1.

Trump was very much minding the store, and while his administration may have appeared chaotic, his actual foreign policy makes Dementia Joe’s look like he’s playing marbles. The Trump administration bears this legacy: No foreign wars were started on his watch, he stood up against the rising crime and chaos that BLM and Antifa wanted to unleash across America, he secured, and was strengthening the border. Kim Jong Un? No chaos there. Iran? Zip. Zero. Nada. He gave Biden a plan to withdraw from Afghanistan and Biden threw it away because, well, “the adults are in charge”. Why should we listen to Trump!

We will be watching for many days the fallout and death as a result of these “adults” who thought they knew how to run a country and manage chaos.

But no mean tweets, though.



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