Swalwell Tells Jake Tapper He Did Nothing Wrong in Relationship With Fang Fang, Says It's Retaliation

Kevin Dietsch/Pool via AP

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper Monday to talk impeachment and “holding people accountable” for their actions, but when asked to clarify how much contact he had with Christine “Fang Fang” Fang, a Chinese spy, Swalwell weaseled out of actually answering by claiming the FBI said he did nothing wrong and blaming the scandal on Republicans and retaliation.


Swalwell said:

“Jake, yes. This was a 2015 meeting about a person that I had as a volunteer back in 2012 on the campaign. The FBI has said that I did nothing wrong. Don’t take it from me. There was no wrongdoing. I’ve learned nothing new. And Speaker Pelosi has said that she’s keeping me on the committee. And, by the way, Jake, Republicans were briefed on this conduct that this individual was trying to do with me and many other members of congress back in 2015. I think this is retaliation more than anything else.”

Apparently this is Tapper’s idea of a hard-hitting interview – asking a “tough” question – but he didn’t follow up after Swalwell gave a blatantly untrue answer. He dodged the question about clarifying how much contact he had with Fang Fang. He claimed that Republicans were briefed back in 2015, and every single Republican who would have been briefed (namely, members of the Intelligence Committee) have all said they were not briefed and the first time they heard about the issue was in December 2020 when the Axios report exposing the relationship was published. The FBI might have said Swalwell did nothing wrong when they met with him in 2015 – who knows – but according to numerous sources the FBI confirmed to Republicans in Congress in December 2020 that Swalwell did have a sexual relationship with Fang Fang. At least one Republican, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said that based on what he heard in that December briefing Swalwell should not be anywhere near the Intelligence Committee.


How on earth does Swalwell get away with calling Republican calls for his removal from the Intelligence Committee as “retaliation”? Retaliation for what? For him being impeachment manager? There were calls from his removal in December, before the current impeachment madness had even begun.

One wonders what dirt Swalwell must have on Pelosi or other powerful Dems for her to protect him in such a way. Other Members of Congress have been forced out by Pelosi for far less.


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