I Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning: Elizabeth Warren Shills for Newsom to Stop the Republican Recall

When has MA Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Fauxcahontas) ever changed anyone’s heart or mind on anything? She is loved by a particular portion of the progressive base, usually those who hold symbolism over substance. Warren has always talked a good game, been sincerely earnest, and fired up about the things she supports. But, has this resulted in anything more than sound bites and news copy? Not especially… but she looked and sounded great while doing it!


Which makes Warren the perfect person to cut this ad in support of Gavin Newsom to Stop the Republican Recall!

Here’s the deal with the recall of Gavin Newsom.

We’ve seen Trump Republicans across the country attacking election results and the right to vote. Now, they’re coming to grab power in California, abusing the recall process and costing taxpayers millions.

Here’s how we stop them.

Every Californian will get a mail-in ballot for the September 14th election. Vote ‘no’ to protect California and our democracy.

Stop the Republican recall.

This part is comedy gold:

We’ve seen Trump Republicans across the country attacking election results and the right to vote. Now, they’re coming to grab power in California, abusing the recall process and costing taxpayers millions.

It’s always interesting that when citizens use constitutional means at their disposal, Democrats consider it a “power grab” or a “coup”. Abusing the recall process? That would be the California Democrats who tried to get names and addresses of Recall proponents, and who voted to waive and change the Recall laws so they could get an earlier election date to help His Hairfulness.


And when did the person who oversaw $31 billion in Employment Development Department fraud care about taxpayers? That’s “billion”, with a B.

Fauxcahontas, take all the seats!

This person is feeling me:

Amazing to me as well. Since Trump lives rent-free in Democrats’ heads, they assume that anyone who opposes them must be in league with Trump. There can be no other explanation on why anyone would want to remove Gavin Newsom from office. It’s a Q-Anon conspiracy funded by radical right-wing extremists!

Yeah, that must be it…

Trump is the convenient bogeyman, and the tool Democrats use to distract from their failure, mismanagement, and dictatorial policies. But, it also reflects that they are too lazy to listen to their own constituents, millions who actually signed the Recall petition, many who collected signatures.


This analysis supplied by my colleague Andrew Malcolm shows why Newsom is making these desperate moves, and calling in his national Democrat friends.

A recent poll by Emerson College in collaboration with Nexstar Media shows that Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) may have a larger issue than he may have thought when it comes to defeating his recall effort. It shows that 43% of California voters support a recall effort, while 48% oppose, with 9% undecided. On Tuesday, another poll, this time from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, found 47% support for the recall, with 50% opposed.

The recall is Tuesday, Sept. 14.

In the Emerson poll, the recall is supported by independents (54% support) and Hispanics (48% support, 44% oppose). On four key issues (COVID, wildfires, droughts, homelessness), pluralities of voters consider Newsom’s responses to be poor, including a 52% majority on homelessness. That said, Newsom still has the support of Black Californians (70%) and voters who hold a college degree (56%), as well as the backing of his native Bay Area (58%). In addition, his approval rating sits at 49%, which is not a bad place to be before an election. However, these two recent polls are disappointing for Newsom when compared to the other most recent nonpartisan poll, conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) in May, which suggested that 57% would vote against a recall.


The polls, and Newsom’s tone deaf response to them, is also a failure to read the room. Not every Republican or Democrat hates Trump. It would probably shock Newsom and Warren to discover how many Californians actually voted for him. All those Trump rallies in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, in the midst of the lockdowns mind you, were significant. But Democrats were too busy lionizing George Floyd, kissing BLM’s butt, and trying to certify the election for Joe Biden to notice.

Now His Hairfulness is having to beg Democrats to show up and vote for him. Sucks to be you!

It’s the people’s movement, but Hair Gel failed to get the memo—or maybe like that email from his kid’s Summer basketball camp–he “missed it”.

Newsom has been warned that this Republican Recall Trumpist strategy could backfire. Nancy Pelosi’s daugther has been one of those voices sounding that alarm:


Well, enlisting the fake Indian who used her privilege to not only get tenure at Harvard, but to buy up homes and flip them at a sweet profit when the real estate market tanked, is not the best move either. While those who love Warren will overlook anything (like going on camera to try to prove her fake Native American ancestry), those who can’t stand her will get even more annoyed that she was enlisted at all.

But, Governor Hair Gel has never been the brightest bulb in the box, which is why he failed to take Pelosi’s advice. The fact that those polls mentioned above are also showing the numbers to see Newsom recalled are within the margin or error reflects this strategy is backfiring—BIGLY.

This tweet from a relative of Rep. Tony Cardenas (and also a Democrat) says it all:

It’s the type of Climate Change we can all get behind.


My fellow Californians: If you didn’t know already, pay no attention to Warren. Vote “YES” to Recall Gavin Newsom.



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