CA RECALL: AFL-CIO Backs Newsom, Not Realizing That 'Union' Has Become Ugly Word

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It seems as though the progressive Left is finally waking up to the fact that Gavin Newsom could well be Recalled.

The last two polls, by Emerson College and SurveyUSA have not spelled good news for His Hairfulness, so he’s stirring up the flying monkeys to do his bidding, while making it appear as though he has no worries.


Everyone from the Left-wing press to the Labor Unions are ramping up their usual tactics: lie, obfuscate, and make yourself loud and large in order to intimidate the enemy.

Oh, and give lots of money.

Millions of dollars have already been poured into the Stop The Republican Recall coffers. As an incumbent, Newsom has no spending limits on how much he can raise to fight the Recall. All the governor candidates looking to take his seat are limited to $32,400 of spending for this special election.

The rag People’s World paints a very dark picture of evil Republicans with big money pouring into this “Trump” Recall.

It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so sad; people actually do believe this stuff. The financial disclosures tell a different tale.

Republicans in California, with substantial money from in-state and out-of-state sources, have succeeded in getting a special election scheduled for Sept. 14, in which they attempt a recall of the Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. The recall is spearheaded by the most reactionary sectors of the ruling class-supporting fascist Trump elements in the Republican Party. has been keeping a daily tracker of the money being poured into the proponent Recall Gavin Newsom campaign, and the opponent, Stop The Republican Recall of Gavin Newsom campaign. They report that:

As of Aug 7, 2021$52.1 million has been raised specifically for the recall election.

Supporters of the recall have raised approximately $5.3 million and opponents have raised about $46.9 million.

Sounds like the Republicans and the “outside” money contributors need to step up their game, since Newsom is outspending them almost 10 to 1.


Guess money doesn’t buy you everything, because sentiment and the polls are leaning toward him being gone after the Recall election on September 14.


If the recall is successful, it’s likely a right-wing Republican would immediately become governor and would immediately work to sabotage the largest and most progressive state budget in national history, along with other progressive legislation and policies.

They are right about this one. A Republican governor would gut the State budget, because it’s built on smoke and mirrors. As is typical of progressives, they’re geared towards bankrupting Californians with high taxes, while driving enterprise and industry out of the State.

Newsom’s progressive policies and legislation, like releasing violent criminals and killing small businesses via AB5 and PAGA are part-and-parcel why he is being recalled. We want no more of this.

Let’s make it so.

The recall draws its support from the most-reactionary forces of the ruling class aimed against Newsom. The nation’s eyes are focused on California, arguably the biggest stronghold of democratic forces nationwide. Increasing ground efforts for voter registration, education and turnout will be crucial in defeating the Republican effort to turn the California governor’s mansion into a nest of Trump vipers.

<Laughing uproariously, falling out of my chair. Pick myself up off the floor.>

“[F]orces of the ruling class”? Are they serious?! No one embodies “ruling class” more than Governor Hair Gel, who has sucked at the teat of the Gettys since he was a young boy. Eight elite families in California have poured money into almost every campaign Newsom has run since his San Francisco Board of Supervisors days. So, spare me this nonsense about “ruling class forces aimed against Newsom.” We know which side his bread is buttered on.


The AFL-CIO Los Angeles County Federation of Labor decided to mount a “No on the Recall Rally” yesterday to show their support for His Hairfulness. The national and local arms of the country’s largest labor union have dropped a combined half-million dollars into Stop the Republican Recall, and I’m sure the “volunteers” who came out to express their solidarity only got a $75.00 per diem and lunch out of it.

And they say that the right is controlled.

From HEWS Media Group:

With over 350 volunteers in attendance, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, kicked off their official ‘No on the Recall’ campaign on Saturday, August 7, joined by labor leaders, legislators, and community leaders, launching one of the largest and most robust anti-recall campaigns in the state.

“The recall is a direct attack on our democracy and on our union values, driven by opponents of the California Governor’s efforts to protect vulnerable residents during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ron Herrera, President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “His decisive actions saved countless lives and protected millions of working families across the state. Newsom has stood for us during the pandemic, and now we are here standing with him.”

Someone needs to tell Ron Herrera that we don’t have a “democracy.” Both the California and United States Constitutions outline a representative Republic. Newsom is no longer representing the people, therefore, according to our Constitution, the PEOPLE have a right to remove him.


But, as Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley so eloquently said during the debate, civics education is no longer the connective thread in education, so the huge hole that has been left is now filled with all types of rubbish that has nothing to do with governance.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, in partnership with various affiliated unions, is anchoring the ‘No on the Recall’ campaign with an over one million dollar program, including paid and volunteer canvassers, phone bankers, and other voter outreach.

Many of my progressive and liberal friends have already been getting texts and calls. These are friends who have signed the petition and plan to vote “YES” on Question 1 of the Recall ballot. If any of them try and call me, I will have fun toying with them for while, before telling them I plan to vote “YES” as well.

The bubble of Big Labor fails to understand how compromised they really are. While Angeleans were out of work, and not receiving unemployment because international cartels and Scott Peterson were getting their money, the teachers were negotiating for bonuses with pandemic funds, while they barely taught Zoom classes to California’s flailing children. Don’t get me started on the heavily-unionized entertainment industry, who were also exempt from the lockdowns and barely missed a day of work.

No surprise that they have been pouring money into Stop the Republican Recall. Their boy had their back, so they gotta have his.

These unions assume that Californians who were not so fortunate or connected have forgotten.


Well, we haven’t. This is why Hair Gel is getting Recalled.

The supposedly non-partisan California Attorney General issued a veiled threat to California voters:

“In order to get to Governor Newsom, they have to go through us. And they’re not going to get there because we’ve got a labor movement,” said Rob Bonta, California Attorney General. “We’ve got workers who are powering the movement to make sure that we get Gavin Newsom reelected and fight back the recall.”

Rob Bonta, another of Newsom’s affirmative action appointments, needs to shut up and do his job. Part of that is attending to his two AGs: Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon, and San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, who are on the cusp of being Recalled themselves. Bonta is on the wrong side of history, and we plan to show him just how wrong he is come his election, when he won’t have a governor who covers for his activism or his incompetence.

“We may come from different backgrounds, from different walks of life, and even different approaches to the work we do day in and day out on behalf of working families,” said Dereck Smith, Executive Vice President at Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2015. “But one thing we can agree on this morning is that this recall effort by the right-wing anti-forces is wasteful and, quite frankly, an attack on our progress for working families.”

You know what is an attack on working families? Shutting down the schools for over a year, when working families could not afford child care and had no other resources. A disproportionate amount of working women had to leave their jobs because there was no one to care for their children, who are usually in school during the working hours. Not to mention, a disproportionate number of children of working families had no access to the internet in order to participate in the Zoom classes instituted by the lazy California Teachers Unions.


But do go off about who is attacking working families. This Recall has also been called the Mama Bear Recall, because it is the mothers who haven’t forgotten what Newsom has done, and is still doing, to their children.


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