Blacks and the COVID Vaccines: Why Do We Not Recognize When Oppression and Enslavement Is at Our Doorstep?

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While scouring the bowels of the Internet, I came across some videos by a personality named Hotep God Drelly. A new face for me among individuals I follow, who identify with the Conscious Black Conservative movement.


In Hotep God Drelly’s most recent Instagram post, he went off about the vaccine mandates that New York City has implemented. New York Mayor Comrade Bill de Blasio gleefully reported that New Yorkers cannot go to a Broadway show, eat indoors at restaurants, or exercise in enclosed public spaces unless they can show proof of vaccination.

You know that the Biden administration and the Democrat Left has plans for this to go national, but they are using their usual stooges of de Blasio, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and California’s Hair Gel Newsom to “lead the way,” and stand back while people hue, cry, and then give up and get used to it.

It’s happened already, and they’ll do it again.

Hotep God Drelly specifically addresses this to Black people because our number are still among the highest percentages of those choosing not to get vaccinated.

WATCH: (Language Warning)

“We been trying to tell you they doing this, they’re moving to this. […] Yes they are! This was the play, to do this sh*t, right here.”

As I said above, they want this national. So Hotep God Drelly is correct: this is the Play. The Left knows nothing else. They hate freedom, they hate choice, so their play is always to limit, restrict, and deny.


Hotep God Drelly is from New Orleans, which is a Democrat stronghold, and I love this warning he gives:

All you n*gg@s who hate the Republican Party so much, the Republican Party, without bloodshed, is gone be the only way you get out of this sh*t my n*gg@s! It’s the only way! Conservatives, Libertarians, these are the only people that’s gone save yo’ Black ass! 

You keep on voting Democrat if you want to! I’m telling you—either yo’ ass need to f#ckin’ move, or get that Democrat government out yo’ damn state. Because soon you will not be able to do anything without getting vaccinated.”

He’s speaking the truth. And we’re working on that in California, Hotep. But it’s an uphill battle no matter how you slice it. I am heartened by conscious brothers who are raising the alarm bells in an intelligent way.

With this recent move by New York’s Comrade de Blasio, Boston’s local ABC 5 News asked Boston Mayor Kim Janey about whether she would implement a mandate for vaccine passports to enter restaurants and businesses.

“There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers,” Janey said.

Janey continued with gobblygook about Trump and birtherism (Rent free, in their heads), but her response is still fascinating, and unexpected—especially from a Democrat mayor. Of course, Janey was condemned for her comments, and her comparison to slave papers. But where’s the lie? It’s pretty much the most recent equivalent in our American history that anyone could pull from. Besides, it’s the Democrats who came up with the idea of slave papers in the first place—kind of like these vaccine passports.


In my article back in May on vaccine passports, I said:

Vaccine passports are a modern-day version of the “freedom papers” that Blacks had to carry around with them pre-civil war in order to have the freedom to travel from the North to the South unmolested. If you saw the movie 12 Years A Slave, you see how well that worked.

What is the difference between “freedom papers” and carrying around proof to prove you have been vaccinated and are not going to infect anyone? Especially since the public and private sector are attempting to attach who is and is not allowed freedoms based on that fact. We already have a black market for fake vaccine passports. Where else will this lead?

This is beyond Orwellian; it’s positively Stalinesque.

While Mayor Janey clarified her comments, she still went to the heart of why vaccine passports are not a good idea. Maybe the sister read my article because she was feeling me:

Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey expressed regret Thursday for her recent comments invoking slavery-era freedom papers and birtherism in response to a question about COVID-19 vaccine passports.

But she also reiterated opposition to the idea, as recently launched in New York City, due to what she said would be a “disproportionate impact on low-income families and communities of color,” where vaccination rates are lower.

“I wish I had not used those analogies because they took away from the important issue of ensuring that our vaccination and public health policies are implemented with fairness and equity,” Janey said during a press conference Thursday.


Again, no lie there either. Living in the Los Angeles area for what seems like forever, I know all too well that if you have the money to buy fake documentation or somehow get access because you know someone, it will happen. While honest, hardworking people who may not have the income level or the connections end up getting left out in the cold. You know it’s going to happen in New York, as well as any other city foolish enough to implement these measures. Remember Prohibition? It gave birth to Al Capone and organized crime syndicates.

You can look forward to vaccine passports doing the same; and just like those drive-by gang shootings during the Roaring ’20s and today, Black people and other minorities will get caught in the crossfire.

Hotep God Drelly has another video where he calls out the messaging in a revamped song by Juvenile and Mannie Fresh. For the Rap-music challenged (a crowd to which I belong), Juvenile and Mannie Fresh (along with Lil Wayne) did a song called “Back That Thang Up“, obviously referring to the hinder parts of a female while twerking. In order to raise “awareness” in the Black community about vaccinations, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh decided to rewrite this song as… wait for it… “Vax That Thang Up“, in tandem with promoting a dating app that is supposedly owned by Blacks. Hotep God Drelly had questions about the motivation behind this, as he expressed here (again, language warning):



These are the questions I have been asking since these campaigns and vaccination pushes started. What is driving this push to get everyone vaccinated? If this vaccine is safe and good for you, as Dementia Joe felt the need to reinforce this morning while gaslighting about his Jobs report, why the need to bribe people to get it? Useful idiot NJ Gov. Phil Murphy offered free passes to New Jersey state parks as an incentive. His Hairfulness held a vaccine lottery with $15 million in prizes. The Wisconsin Restaurant Association offered food incentives from Nathan’s Famous, Shake Shack, Budweiser, and Samuel Adams. Really healthy choices here for a virus that fells those who are unhealthy and obese, and those with comorbidities like diabetes and high blood pressure. The carnival barker aspect of this cannot be escaped.

Why is our government using lighthearted games for a virus and a vaccine that they claim should be taken seriously?

To a greater degree, if you know the history of Black Americans and the government via the medical establishment, from the Tuskegee Experiment to Henrietta Lacks to the CDC study on MMR Vaccines, you would think that if this vaccine is truly in our self-interest, they would be more measured and serious in their approach, as well as acknowledge what has been done wrong in the past, and give us evidence on how this time it will be different.

The vaccine lottery, music ditty, fatty food perks and giveaways tomfoolery is what you do with something that is not that urgent or serious. So, that leads me, and probably other Blacks to believe, that if this vaccine and COVID-19 was as serious as they claim it is, the dissemination of information and access to the vaccines would also be done in a more consequential manner.


No matter what your race, we all know that the COVID-19 response and the vaccine distribution have not been handled seriously, consequentially, or even competently. From the shifting standards, the lies, and the gaslighting done by the Biden administration and the CDC, to the well-paid state health officials and their sleight of hand with testing, actual cases, and actual deaths, they have killed all credibility and all trust. Then there is the fact that the so-called Black leaders in the Democrat Party, from 44th President Barack Obama and his 60th birthday bash with 700 of his closest friends to D.C. Mayor Marxist Muriel Bowser attending a maskless wedding after instituting the mask mandates back into that city, have shown that they are not taking it seriously.

So, why should we?

Now here is the question to my skinfolk: Why do you not recognize tyranny, oppression, and the slow slide back towards slavery coming from your own party? Why do you assume these measures will only come from one side of the aisle? Our Hotep friend is correct about one thing: if you want to maintain your freedom, then you better get on board with the platform that is advocating freedom. The Democrat Boston Mayor is a rare exception, and she’ll no doubt be strong-armed into the party line, especially if she has national ambitions.

When will Blacks stop supporting, giving money to, and advocating for people whose intent is to bleed us dry, do us harm, and enslave us all over again?


Not all chains are physical.


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