Can We Just Agree That Vaccine Passports Are a Bad Idea?

The Orange County, CA Board of Supervisors have tabled the idea of vaccine passports after hundreds came to a May 11 meeting to protest.


We The People are fed up with government overreach, and a vaccine passport is a glaring symbol of it.

Amen, Alex Berenson. From ABC7 News:

Hundreds of people on Tuesday protested outside the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting, fighting against a voluntary digital vaccine passport that would allow people to prove they’ve been vaccinated.

The outrage spilled inside, with more than 700 people signing up to speak.

“This is against the law. It would strip us of our privacy rights,” said one of the speakers.

“You are not going to brand us with a barcode like we are cattle. The Nazis looked like they were winning, too, for a little while,” said another.

From business owners to lawyers to everyday residents, the list of speakers went on for hours.

“Being that I am a Black American, and you’re asking me now to carry ‘freedom papers’ is absolutely appalling. I will bring every Black member of this community back down here if this goes any further,” said a speaker.


I saw from the video (below) that the speaker referenced above is Sonya Green, former Huntington Beach city council candidate, and founder of the Patriots for Freedom community forum. Green’s not wrong. Vaccine passports are a modern-day version of the “freedom papers” that Blacks had to carry around with them pre-civil war in order to have the freedom to travel from the North to the South unmolested. If you saw the movie 12 Years A Slave, you see how well that worked.

What is the difference between “freedom papers” and carrying around proof to prove you have been vaccinated and are not going to infect anyone? Especially since the public and private sector are attempting to attach who is and is not allowed freedoms based on that fact. We already have a black market for fake vaccine passports. Where else will this lead?

This is beyond Orwellian; it’s positively Stalinesque.

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, TX Gov. Greg Abbott, TN Gov. Bill Lee, NE Gov. Pete Ricketts, OK Gov. Kevin Stitt, GA Gov. Brian Kemp, and MS Gov. Tate Reeves, have all come out against vaccine passports, and are directing their legislature to draft policy to protect their citizens from restrictive requirements by state and local businesses. States like Arkansas, and Utah are also doing the same. Heck, the World Health Organization (WHO) has even taken a stand that they do not recommend world governments support their implementation. Not only is it a freedom killer, but it’s a surefire wet blanket on tourism and international commerce.


Katrina Foley is the sole Orange County Board of Supervisor who advocated for the vaccine passport.

Katrina Foley is the one supervisor who stands firm in favor of a vaccine passport. She believes most people support it and that only a small faction of people are against it.

“These individuals are mostly people who don’t believe in vaccinating in the first place. They’re also people who in the past year have denied that COVID exists, denied the pandemic, have marched on our United States Capitol, participated in the insurrection,” said Foley.

She wants to remind people that the passport is voluntary and solely for convenience.

“It’s never been mandated. That’s false. That’s misleading information. That’s the misinformation campaign that they’ve been trying to scare people with,” she said.

Sounds like Foley took lessons from Governor Gavin Newsom’s school of governance on how to marginalize and malign citizens who do not agree with you. Foley beat Republican John Moorlach for this supervisor seat. Like L.A. County Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, Foley has traded one government position for the other. Like a leech, Foley sucks the life out of one position, terms out, then moves on to another. These types of people are a drag on constitutional republicanism and the democratic process, and they need to be removed from the public sphere.


If Americans learn nothing after 2020, I hope it is that elections have consequences. The battle for election integrity has not yet been won, which is why we are living and fighting these other consequences.


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