A Tale of Two Videos: While Kiley Owns the Space, Newsom's Anti-Recall Ad Smacks of Desperation

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Comedienne and Media Personality Bridget Phetasy shared this on Twitter. She said she saw it air during the Tokyo Olympics—you know, the one that barely anyone is watching. So, that alone speaks volumes.


The ad screams:





For someone who oversaw over $31 billion in Employment Development Department fraud, and who contributed to a $15,000 liquor bill (on top of the rest) at the French Laundry, you would think $215 million wouldn’t even make His Hairfulness blink and eyelash.

It’s a small price to us to get this idiot out of office.

And “US” includes Democrats, Libertarians, No Party Preference Independents, and Republicans. House Speaker Nancy “Cruella” Pelosi’s spawn Christine Pelosi warned during their May California Democrat Convention Coven that they might want to rethink their messaging. In light of the fact that no one is taking Cruella’s 1/6 Revised Truth and Propaganda Commission seriously, this strategy screams EPIC FAIL:

Christine Pelosi, who just finished a 10-year term as chair of the party’s women’s caucus, said she knows of Democrats from the Marina District in San Francisco as well as from the rural edges of the state who signed the recall petitions. By not recognizing the validity of their hurt and instead focusing on partisanship, Pelosi said, recall opponents are turning off Democratic and independent voters who could be brought back into the fold.

“We have to begin with compassionate empathy for the terrible year they had,” said Pelosi, the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and a member of the Democratic National Committee. “If we’re not speaking to the reality of people’s truth, then they’re going to become engaged against us.”


Yet, here we are. Thanks, Reed Hastings! His $3 million paid for this stinker of an ad and some choice air time. We appreciate the comedy gold.

And, Christine Pelosi is exactly right. What would be considered the Democrat “base” is royally pissed off that Newsom and his monied cohorts fail to recognize their anger or their issues.

From the “Kevin Kiley for Governor” Facebook page.

And some tweeters who commented after reviewing the ridiculous ad on Twitter had this to say:

Now compare overpriced propaganda and hyperbole to actual goals that would not only right the State, but would <clutch the pearls!> actually right and restore the lives of the people in the State.

The San Francisco Chronicle tried to diss and dismiss gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley, because he dared hold a rally in their backyard on Saturday. Really, that’s pretty much what it was about. The writer made sure you knew that the rally was “sparsely attended” (it was over 100 people) and that Kiley is “one of the more visible” candidates.


Independent Journalist Erica J. Sandberg, who is a Democrat and spoke at the rally, called the SF Chron writer out for his skewed coverage:

So what did Kiley have to say in his Facebook Live video which has received 11,000 views so far—probably as much, if not more, than the SF Chron‘s subscriber base.

“Let’s start with the obvious: On Day 1, on minute one, I will end the State of Emergency. That wipes out every related state and local order automatically.

“Now, Gavin Newsom loves executive orders. But here’s the thing about executive orders: You can undo them with executive orders. As your Governor, I will unwind Gavin Newsom’s one-man rule in one fell swoop.

“For every executive action Newsom has taken to violate our rights and diminish our freedoms, I will take executive action to restore our rights and defend our freedoms.

“I will tame our menacing state agencies: CARB, the Water Board, the EDD with a new directive; Serve the people of California. Don’t try to harass them, don’t try to harangue them, don’t try to run their lives, don’t try to ruin their lives.

“And yes, on day one I will make sure every single California school is open full time, five days a week, no excuses, and no masks.”


This speech line received the loudest cheers. Hair Gel is still playing footsie with the California Teacher’s Union, and issuing unclear guidance on whether children will be going back to school in the Fall, and if so, what will that look like?

Momma Bears were part of the main Recall proponents and signature gatherers, and they’ll be a major bloc that votes “YES” to Recall Gavin Newsom.

Don’t. Doubt. Me.

“But unlike Gavin Newsom, I will respect our constitution and our separation of powers. Soon after taking office, I will call a special session of the Legislature and throw down the gauntlet: Take your job seriously, govern in the public interest at long last, or face the same fate as Gavin Newsom in the next year’s election.

There are citizens in California who remember what responsible and constitutional governance looked like, and they long to return the State back to that place. There are too many citizens in California who have no idea what that looks like, but they know that the current state of governance is not working. What other candidate is talking in these terms? Whoever else might be, this is the language that holds and keeps our attention, and that will get our vote.

The order of the day will be “Back to Basics”  Restore our water, manage our forests, pave our roads, maintain our grid, fund our police.

“Do the things that government is supposed to do! Do them well. And Do Nothing else!”


Kevin Kiley 07-24-2021 Rally Speech in San Francisco.

Newsom’s ad is desperate and disconnected blather that preaches to the choir—a choir that characteristically doesn’t bother to vote in special elections. Kiley’s speech connects to the heart of what concerns, engages, and motivates all Californians.

More of the latter, please.


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