With Biden's 'Doses to Doors' Vaccine Push and Intrusive Text Messages, We Have Officially Entered "The Twilight Zone"

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While many Blacks may suck at voting for their best interest, they kind of have the right idea on this COVID-19 vaccination campaign. To paraphrase the late President Ronald Reagan, Verify, before you trust.


So this creepy, Twilight Zone-worthy Biden program of “Doses-to-Doors” in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina captured my attention, especially since the administration chose to mount the major push in this heavily-minority, lower income section of that state.

As a Charlotte Observer piece from a few years back attested:

In Mecklenburg, 1 in 4 residents lived in distressed neighborhoods in 2010, up from 1 in 10 in 2000, the Observer found. These neighborhoods have at least 20 percent of residents living below the federally established poverty level – for a family of four, a yearly household income of $23,850 or less.

Distressed communities, or “poverty areas” as the census calls them, aren’t festering slums. They may be areas where at least 20 percent of residents are poor, but also can be home to middle- and upper-income residents

So like a broken record (literally) Biden is back to the poh darkies who can’t access the internet, and desperately need government help to get vaccinated.

He is truly a racist piece of you-know-what.

Local Charlotte WSOC News  reports:

With COVID-19 vaccine efforts moving at a slow pace, officials in Mecklenburg County are looking for ways to get the shot into more arms.

In Mecklenburg County, only about 46% of people are fully vaccinated. The health department is trying to get that number up with a new program – Doses to Doors – where they bring the vaccine directly to you.

Mecklenburg County Medical Director Meg Sullivan told Channel 9 that the initiative brings access to people who may not have it.

“The idea of really going and having those individual conversations with individuals about the vaccine as well as bringing the vaccine to someone’s home, that’s how they’ll get vaccinated,” Sullivan said


This is North Carolina, so maybe spaces are more wide open than other states. Despite Governor Hair Gel’s evil ways, Californians at least have access to one of four things: a Ring camera, a fence, a dog, and a gun. You bet your bippy that we will employ one or all four on anyone who attempts to come a knock on our door. Keep that in mind, as we’ll revisit it later.

WSOC acknowledged that even in the open spaces of the South, it might be an uphill battle to get people to take the shot—even with incentivization:

But it may not prove to be the successful mission the county is looking for. Already, many residents said they’re either vaccinated or not interested — even with incentives like a cash prize.

If this vaccine is so good for you, why do I need a cash prize to incentivize my getting a shot? A better question: Why should I trade my natural immunity and health for a few dollars, on a potentially faulty vaccine for a virus from which 98 percent of healthy people under 70 recover?

I can hear The Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background.

Mecklenberg County’s Medical Director Meg Sullivan is just positively gleeful about this program, and sees only stepping stones where others see stumbling blocks. Be very afraid of these public health officials.


But Sullivan said that just challenges them to think outside the box.

“It just continues to force us to be creative, to be innovative, to have those conversations, and to continue to try everything that we can because it’s too important to stop now,” she said.

The county is tracking the numbers closely and said it will continue the program until the numbers plateau.

Believe me, they are intent on having those “conversations” whether you want them or not, and they are for sure pooling all their creativity and ingenuity to make it happen.

Which brings us back to urban centers like Los Angeles, where more often than not, trying to access someone’s door will either get you a beat down, a canine sicced on you, or shot. So, someone in the Biden regime used their innovation to reach into my (and probably other’s) phones.

In late June, I received a text from a 773 area code. I knew it was a Chicago number, since that is where most of my immediate family resides. However, it was a number that I didn’t recognize. Maybe one of my nephews and nieces changed mobile numbers, so I looked at it.

Here’s what it was about:

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell gets intrusive texts from Vaccine activists

Hi Jennifer. I’m Tess. A volunteer with Chicago Cares and Protect Chicago. We’re working to ensure every Chicagoan has the info needed to protect themselves from COVID-19. Do you need vaccine information or other safety tips? Para español, marque dos.

Excuse me? Though I visit every few years, I have not lived in Chicago for a very long time. I don’t even have a Chicago phone number, as I moved away before the prevalence of the mobile device. So, how did they get my Los Angeles-based number, and why would they assume I need vaccine information or “safety” tips?


Racist and classist, much?

I responded to the text and asked that very question:

I am not in Illinois. Why are you contacting me?

It took three minutes for “Tess” to respond.

Even though you’re not in Chicago, we’re still invested in keeping everyone safe. Please let me know if I can help with any questions, or you can visit cdc.gov or your local health department’s website for more information.

Invested in keeping everyone safe. Who died and made them Kings of the Safety brigade? Why do they assume such an investment is needed in the first place?

I was floored, not only because this random stranger who didn’t even live in my state was concerned about my “safety”, and directing me to websites of which I was quite familiar, since I use the information from their propaganda arms in many of my articles.

Mostly, I was offended. Does the government really think that Black people are this stupid? COVID-19 has been a thing for almost two years now. We are IN-NUN-DA-TED with propaganda, misinformation, and every detail of the changing variants that are going to kill us next, and how we need to keep wearing a mask, even if vaccinated. And don’t forget —a booster for that shot is on its way!

It’s a never-ending campaign to keep people on pins and needles—especially vulnerable people who are susceptible to this snow job, and are already steeped in fear.

Do the powers that be even consider that if someone hasn’t bothered to get the shot, that maybe it’s because they don’t feel the need to; not because they cannot access the information needed to make a concrete decision or need Big Daddy Government to make them feel, “safe”.


After the litany of swear words and insults passed through my brain (and a few from my lips), I responded again.

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell gets intrusive texts from Vaccine activists

After all, it might not be “Tess’ ” fault that she is a Zoomer Kool-Aid drinker who happened to text someone who not only knew how to do research, but who knew the ways the government wanted to control the information people received:

I am not unsafe. I have a brain. I can read, and I have resources and medical means beyond the fraudulent CDC or my state’s website.

This time, the response back was immediate:

Got it – no worries. Thanks for participating and making you and your family stay safe. Have a great day!

Another interesting turn of phrase. “participating”? In what, pray, tell?

I posted one last text:

Participating? I wonder exactly what I have “participated” in? Wasn’t aware it was a game or contest <thinking emoji> In any event, have a good evening.

I did not receive a response back. So, I looked up the “Protect Chicago” website.

Here are their strategies and goals:

Our Strategy

From the moment the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in the city, equity drives all distribution. As we strive to vaccinate the entire city, our commitment to equity is more important than ever. Equity is not only part of our COVID-19 strategy, equity is our strategy.

Our Goals

Consistency: Provide consistent access to vaccine for Chicagoans, especially those in low vaccinated area.

Convenience: Make vaccine available where people live, work, and play

Equity: Focus energy and resources on the 13 lowest vaccinated communities


Equity is our strategy? The same hackneyed claptrap too often heard from the mouths of Biden, Raggedy Jenn, and the other Leftists stooges in his cabinet. Doesn’t look like my skinfolk are buying into the lies, much to their credit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be getting random texts from a city I haven’t resided in for over 30 years.

This entire push is as confused as Dementia Joe’s brain, and as intrusive as his sniffing the hair of random young girls.

I blocked the number.


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