Project Veritas Interviews Another Journalist Whistleblower from a CBS Detroit Affiliate

April Moss is a meteorologist for CBS 62 in Detroit. She’s also a multimedia journalist who was often the fill-in host for an affiliate show called “Community Connect,” which aired over the weekend. Moss is the latest journalist to blow the whistle on her station. After 9 years with CBS, she felt compelled to come forward because:


“We’re in the problematic time in our country’s history where we’re at. No longer is true journalism being executed anymore.”

In the interview, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe affirmed with Moss that the majority of policies for the affiliate stations were passed down from CBS-Viacom New York and that these were blanket policies for all CBS affiliates.

During the 2020 pandemic, everyone at the affiliate station was sent home to do their work, except for certain essential employees. Moss was considered essential staff and was allowed to work in the CBS 62 studio building throughout COVID; however, she was required to submit to weekly testing, to which she initially complied.

Deeper into the pandemic, CBS corporate began to demand data from the lab on the testing Moss underwent. This required Moss’ consent. Moss was not comfortable with this and refused to give her permission. As the pandemic waned, Moss sent an email to human resources stating she did not want to submit to weekly testing anymore. It was soon after this that Moss received an email from HR basically stating that COVID-19 vaccinations were going to be mandatory, the corporation would pay for her to receive it, and on a specific date, it would be required for all personnel to be vaccinated in order to access and work in the studio building. Those who have not received the COVID vaccine by that date would be required to work from home.


This was when Moss felt compelled to take her stand. She said,

“This issue is not just about me. I’m watching our whole nation suffer because they are put underneath these policies that are enacted by corporations and this is a human rights issue. And every American, and every person on earth has the right to breath fresh air. And to segregate somebody is completely inhumane.”

The video is 21 minutes, and quite compelling, because it touches on the current battle Americans in the workplace are now facing. Yesterday, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by employees and staff of Houston Methodist Hospital, who objected to the mandatory vaccine policy by the corporation. One hundred and fifty-three employees either resigned or were fired because of this. The Houston Methodist lawsuit was just one of several lawsuits being filed by academics and activists to block corporations and governmental agencies’ ability to institute mandatory vaccination requirements.

This Project Veritas reveal interview goes more in-depth than the one with Fox Houston whistleblower Ivory Hecker. Moss brings more instances that lay out the case that CBS New York, and therefore the CBS affiliate stations, had set an agenda to push the COVID vaccinations and mandatory vaccination requirements in their reporting, and in how they choose to treat their staff, both national and affiliates. Moss covered instances in her reporting where she was stifled and discriminated against because she wanted to report the full facts and get deeper information about the COVID vaccines and dig deeper into the adverse reactions that were occurring because of the vaccines. Moss even alluded to the fact that there were approved questions for reporters to ask when discussing the vaccine with interview subjects.


In one segment O’Keefe discussed an interview Moss had with Gayle King of CBS This Morning which reflects the disconnect and lack of self-awareness among national legacy media on how much their agenda is pushed. In the interview with King, Moss asked:

MOSS: “In today’s day and age, it seems like the methodology of journalism is under attack right now. You have a lot of voices out there saying there’s fake news. How do you encourage those people watching today to stay objective in their journalism, to be able to bring people truth?”

KING: “Well when I hear fake news, I never think that they’re applying… that it applies to us. So… I don’t find myself saying, Oh no, this is fake news! Because, I think, they’re not talking to us over at CBS.”

How rich.

Moss thought King’s comments were “a shame.” Moss debunked King’s statement and affirmed that there were indeed instances of reporting where she was involved that could well be classified as fake news.

“I’m watching our whole country get frustrated with journalism today, and the media today, because they’re seeing that it’s not always truth what they’re putting out,” she said.

O’Keefe presented footage of yet another whistleblower, who did not wish to be identified. This whistleblower presented footage from another CBS affiliate that showed a fake testing scenario being set up to use in a news story. The footage was used in a news segment and presented as something that had actually occurred.

This clearly meets the definition of “fake news.”


Moss expressed her dismay over the direction things were heading.

“I have to listen to my conscience, and I have to listen to what I know is best for the people. […]”

“There comes a time where you have to stand for something and you have to say, I owe the public, it’s a duty as a journalist, I owe them to ask some real questions about the safety and efficacy. Especially because I knew they were going to begin to encourage [pregnant] women and children [to take the vaccine].”


“I feel it’s the greatest crime in history today.”

This is pivotal work O’Keefe is doing and may indicate a dam breaking among journalists who care about integrity.

Who will be next?



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