Fasten Your Seatbelts: Here Come the COVID-19 Vaccine Lawsuits

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I know the term is getting overly used of late, but it doesn’t make it any less true: this is Orwellian. I have talked about the Westworld feel of this COVID vaccine drive. Despite all the smiles, prizes, and cheerleading, there is a malevolent strain ribboned through it. That malevolent strain quickly becomes a full-blown infection when anyone expresses ambivalence toward getting the vaccine or comes right out and says they will not receive it. There are millions of people who had COVID-19 and are fully recovered. These people have natural antibodies that are better protection against contracting COVID-19 a second time than these vaccines. These millions have no need for a vaccine, and studies are being done that show that it may even be dangerous for them to receive it.


But from workplaces to academia, we are experiencing the encroachment of government or governmental systems which mandate that students, employees, administration must get the vaccine, or lose their employment, their benefits, and their privileges.

From the Federalist:

After Indiana University recently implemented a vaccine mandate for all students, parents founded The IU Family for Choice not Mandates group and filed a lawsuit Monday against the university.

The publicly funded university sent an email to all faculty, staff, and students announcing they are “required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine,” according to a press release. The university threatened employees who do not want to take the vaccine, noting that if they refuse it, their employment will be terminated. Similarly, students who refuse the vaccine will lose access to all IU systems and have their class registration revoked.

So, what about medical or religious exemptions? What about that antibody immunity I mentioned above? If there any provision for these?

The article continues:

While IU will provide exemptions for those with documented medical exemptions and legally protected religious grounds, which the Bopp Law Firm calls them “extremely limited,” as no exemption is provided for those who have natural immunity as a result of having already contracted the COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, those who are able to receive an exemption are subject to additional restrictions such as bi-weekly testing.

The lawsuit has the potential to set a precedent that could prevent other universities and government-funded institutions from mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.


So, apparently not. And bi-weekly testing? You are required to test? This is no different from the vaccine passports that are consistently being floated threatened. Message received: We do not trust you to be able to take care of yourself or to understand information and advice from your doctor, so you have to prove you are on board with our program.

Any way you slice it, it comes down to control, and you are not the one who holds the reins.

The colleges and universities are not the only institutions overreaching. In the halls of the FDA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a draconian effort to vaccinate children; despite the fact that study, after study, after study continues to show that children rarely contract, carry, or spread the virus. Teenagers have a higher risk factor on all three, but the probability of their survival if they do contract COVID is also higher. A recent study done by the CDC shows this still lower instance of teenagers contracting COVID-19 as opposed to adults. Of 200 teenagers who had to be hospitalized because of COVID, all 200 survived.

Yet, commercials, TikTok videos, and radio spots are bewitching children and guilting hesitant parents into having their child vaccinated. Children themselves are being indoctrinated with the “don’t kill grandma and grandpa” mantra. They also want to be a part of the herd. What’s the crisis of the tween-teen years? They just want to fit in; and what better way, than to show and talk about your vaccine!


My colleague Kira Davis recently tweeted this:

Good on Kira, because this is basically what it is: parents co-signing for their children to be guinea pigs. In the Evie Magazine article that Kira attached to the tweet, a 13-year old discusses why this push to get her vaccinated is, well… creepy. And unnecessary.

Out of the mouth of babes:

The conversation on vaccines has also become very tense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always been like this (usually with one side being shut down and degraded more quickly), but questioning the new vaccine and its safety has become a fury-switch for many, almost in disbelief that some may have the “audacity” to be concerned. If you go to any government or medical site, they will tell you that the vaccine is “mostly”safe, and even though this is usually just a legal precaution, some people don’t want to take their chances with “mostly” – especially when they’re naturally built to fight it. Should we really be pressuring people to take chances for things they don’t want (and probably don’t even need)?


Thankfully, the American Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) are doing just that: being on the frontlines of this child sacrifice.

You remember them? They were a group of doctors who spoke on the steps of the Capitol in the Summer of 2020, advocating for early treatment of COVID-19, rather than the 14-day isolation period where you wait to get worse. The doctors also advocated for the use of hydroxychloroquine in that treatment, along with other pivotal, but inexpensive, medications.

These practicing clinicians, published, and well-respected in their fields, were widely maligned and censored. Several of these doctors, including Dr. Simone Gold, were removed from Twitter. The group had their website deplatformed, and their videos were taken down from Facebook and YouTube. All because they questioned Lord Fauci and his adherents.

Hindsight is 20/20. It’s amazing that no one is talking about them now, because everything that they promoted and spoke about proved to be the right courses of action. They are talking about themselves, and doing a nationwide tour to not only discuss the efforts and tactics used to try and silence them, but the organization’s current initiatives to help their fellow Americans protect their health privacy, their civil rights, and their body autonomy.

The AFLDS filed a lawsuit in May against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and Black & White Partnerships to block the FDA from authorizing COVID vaccine distribution to children.


This type of intervention gets more and more critical after continued news of these types of vaccine reactions in youth: like heart inflammation that presents as a heart attack.

Also in May, Houston Methodist Hospital employees filed a lawsuit against the corporation’s move to force all employees to be vaccinated.

Employees at Houston Methodist Hospital are required to receive the coronavirus vaccine before June 7 – or lose their jobs. More than 100 of the network’s 26,000 employees are giving that mandate a hard pass, saying the hospital cannot require it by law because it essentially “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families.”

All of these lawsuits will answer questions on the legality, constitutionality, and efficacy of this type of medical coercion.



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