Pennsylvania Parents Suing School District Over ‘Woke’ Curriculum

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A couple is suing the East Penn School District for refusing to allow them to exempt their children from lessons seemingly designed to teach the precepts of wokeism in the classroom.


Lehigh Valley Live noted that: “Macungie residents Maureen and Christopher Brophy say in their lawsuit that topics discussed in their children’s classrooms such as ‘systematic racism,’ ‘white fragility,’ ‘religion,’ ‘white privilege,’ ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘police brutality,’ are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court on Monday, alleges that the topics being taught are discriminatory against Christianity.

East Penn School District Solicitor Marc S. Fisher appeared to dismiss concerns about the lawsuit. “Anybody can file a lawsuit by paying the filing fee. Being successful is something completely different,” he said.

The couple began complaining about the curriculum when the school assigned Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” as required reading for 2020. They did not want their 16-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter, who attend Emmaus High School, to be exposed to the ideas in the book, which teaches, in part, that white Americans shy away from conversations on their inherent racism because they do not know how to deal with the discomfort associated with such discussions.

The Brophys’ requested that the school allow them to exempt their children from these particular teachings. The lawsuit notes that the request was denied by Superintendent Kristen Campbell.


The suit contends that topics like “white fragility” or “white privilege” “do not coincide with (the Brophys’) moral compass or conservative religious views.” It also claims the couple were left “degraded, victimized, embarrassed and emotionally distressed” by Campbell’s denying their request.

The couple also claims that the school retaliated against them because of their criticism of the woke curriculum. “They said their son suffers from medical conditions that make it painful for him to view a computer screen for hours at a time. Their request to have his assignments printed and available for pickup during the COVID-19 pandemic was denied, they claim,” according to Lehigh Valley Live.

Also, the suit alleges that their son was exempt from wearing a mask at the school due to medical conditions. However, his advanced-placement physics teacher refused to have him in class unless he wore a mask.

While the full details of the conflict between the Brophys and the school district are not yet known, the curriculum that the district is implementing in its schools is similar to what we have seen in other situations. Having read “White Fragility,” I can tell you that most of what is being taught is simply more anti-white bashing disguised as a solution for conversations on race. While the ideas are not based on critical race theory, it is certainly just as harmful to discourse on these topics.


Regardless of what one believes about the issues that the school district seeks to push in its classrooms, parents should not be forced to allow their children to be subject to this type of propagandizing. If parents don’t want their kids to sit through these lessons, they should be able to pursue an alternative course of education.

However, that might derail the left’s agenda, which seems to be about indoctrinating children into their worldview, which could be why the parents’ request was denied. Authoritarians are gonna authoritarian, right?


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