Gavin Newsom's Cronies Manipulate the Recall Laws to Gain an Earlier Election; He's Still Getting Recalled

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Despite Democrats and Governor Hair Gel’s hue and cry about the potential Recall election costs being in the 400 million category, the actual cost will be… significantly less.


Democratic leaders in the California Legislature announced Thursday the state would cover the estimated $215 million cost to stage an expected recall election that could oust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, potentially allowing the contest to be held at an earlier date this year.

The announcement came shortly after state analysts released the cost projection, based on figures submitted by the state’s 58 counties that conduct elections.

“This funding will allow for an earlier recall election,” Senate leader Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said in a joint statement, adding that the Legislature also would waive a 30-day review of those costs.

No election date has been set at this point, and it wasn’t immediately clear how the leaders’ announcement might influence that decision, which is part of a lengthy process managed by the Secretary of State.

The California Director of Finance sent the County estimates and decision to the Four Skeeves of the California Joint Legislature Budget Committee: Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Crony), Budget Chair and Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-Sleazebag), Senator Anthony Portantino (D-Portly), and Lorena Gonzalez (D-Harridan). Four of the most corrupt Legs in the bunch, and they handle the purse strings.

The Skeeves, in turn, decided to waive their 30-day review process. These delay tactics embedded in the Recall law were set in place by this same Super Majority to stop the recall of Senator Josh Newman (D-Asshat) in 2018, and they didn’t work. Newman was recalled, although the constituents of CA-29 decided to re-elect him as their Senator two years later.


This Legislature is working hard to ensure their sitting governor stays seated. According to the current Recall law, the budgetary process can take up to 60 days to review the counties’ proposed estimates. However, the Legislature has introduced a bill which will basically give the Joint Legislative Budget Committee the ability to allocate funds toward the Recall without going through a lengthy review.

How convenient.

Cal Matters confirms exactly what I stated above:

Ironically, Democratic lawmakers are waiving the very rules they wrote in 2017, when they added more steps to California’s recall process in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the recall of Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton. In that case, they were trying to delay the election. Now, they’re trying to accelerate it — though the jury’s still out on whether the legislators’ maneuvers will help Newsom any more than they helped Newman.

Here’s another reason for their haste: Another of their Josh Newman Recall delay tactics, the 30-business day period where voters can request county elections officials remove their names from the Newsom Recall petition ended on June 8. The California Globe revealed this gem:


It appears that only 36 California voters who signed the RecallGavin2020 recall petition have removed their signatures.

Thirty-six? There were 1,719,943 signatures verified by the Secretary of State, and only 36 rescinded.

Absolutely delicious.

Susan Walsh, a senior volunteer with the campaign contacted every county election office in the state following the June 8th deadline, and asked how many recall petition signers removed their names.

“I was worried at first that the numbers would be in the thousands,” Walsh told the Globe in an exclusive interview. However, early on in her calls, Walsh noticed the exceedingly low number of rescinded signatures.

To qualify this recall for the ballot, 1,495,709 signatures were required. The recall petition gatherers turned in 2,161,349 signatures. Of those, 1,719,943 were validated by the Secretary of State. This left a cushion of 224,234 extra signatures.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, though the voter’s request for removal must be submitted by June 8, Counties have until June 22 to report the numbers to the SOS office. The California Globe also reported that Walsh is still waiting on responses from some counties. But with a substantial cushion of over 200,000 signatures, the verification numbers will hold steady.

So, these shenanigans, rule changes, and expected ballot manipulations by the Democrats are not going to change this fact: Gavin Newsom will be Recalled as California’s governor and he will be replaced with a more quality leader.


Mark my words.

His Hairfulness loves to smell his own farts and deem it quality cologne. No one likes being dictated to, and Dictator is the mode in which Newsom appears to be stuck; almost as though he assumes this is how it should be.

Not on our watch.

Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Manipulator) was the genius who came up with the idea of pushing an early Recall vote. Glazer feels that with the reopening of California on June 15, and people’s contentment over the vaccine distribution, that Newsom’s popularity is high, and people have forgotten all that transpired during the 2020 pandemic. The French Laundry? Who cares!

But this goes way beyond a pricey dinner while everyone was supposed to be locked down, and blatantly disregarding your own pandemic rules. Half his party did that in spades.

No, independent professionals haven’t forgotten the evil law AB5, that Governor Newsom signed into law before 2020, and then refused to rescind with his emergency powers during the stay-at-home orders he imposed on the State. This caused millions of us to lose our livelihoods, our businesses, and some of us lost our homes.


Those citizens who still have not had their unemployment claims paid have not forgotten:

Those who still have not found work have also not forgotten.

I am quite sure that those whose small business never recovered from Hair Gel’s arbitrary shutdowns have that seared in their memory:

Even if voters did not fall into any of the above categories, they are far from deceived by Hair Gel’s happy talk. Every day, every Californian must confront the quality of life issues that His Hairfulness has failed to resolve:


Every time we pay for groceries (inflated pricing due to freight/delivery costs) or make a major purchase, we must contend with the high taxation:

Most egregious are the children who lost a year of their educational lives, or lost their lives permanently, because of this governor’s obeisance to the California Teacher’s Unions and his cavalier attitude toward parent’s pain.

They have not forgotten. None of us ever will.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Champion), is one of the true legislators, and has supported this Recall from the beginning. Kiley may well be throwing his hat in the ring as a gubernatorial candidate <insert *Prayer hands* emoji>. The Asssemblyman offered these words of encouragement to combat the voices saying the Recall is a waste of time and money, and that this will be a cakewalk for the Governor.


A lot can happen in 100 days, and a lot will. California will be returned to the representative Republic it was founded to be.

Let’s do this.


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