Mr. "Follow the Science" Newsom Has Decided to Not Follow the CDC on Mask Mandates

Despite the CDC’s newest, confusing guidance flip-flop on vaccinated people being able to remove their masks indoors and out, California Governor Gavin Newsom was hesitant to “follow the science,” instead waiting for his health officials to weigh in.


Today, His Hairfulness has spoken. Newsom feels as though more time is needed for Californians to “adjust” to this new reality. People might suffer from this renewed ability to breathe freely, you see. And if someone smiles at them, why they might run clear for the foothills!

So, the arbitrary date of June 15 that was set as a full reopen date is also the date that Hair Gel claims that fully vaccinated Californians can finally go maskless.

Even though some in the Golden State are ready to rip off their face coverings, California will follow the federal health guidelines of not having to wear masks on June 15, the same day the state is slated to reopen, state health officials said on Monday. This will apply to vaccinated residents.


While people don’t currently have to wear masks now in California outside, Dr. Mark Ghaly clarified that masks will be required in indoor settings “regardless of vaccination status” until June 15.

Suffice to say, reviews have been… mixed.

Waiting about a month gives more Californians the opportunity to get vaccinated, Ghaly said during a coronavirus update over the phone.

“Now that they see there will be less masking out in their communities, they see this is the week to be vaccinated,” Dr. Ghaly said.

As for what to do about ensuring that people are indeed vaccinated and won’t lie about it: Ghaly said that’s why he is giving authorities a chance to figure that out.


So much for follow THE SCIENCE. Not that anyone ever knew what that science was anyway because Newsom refused to release the data health officials used for their models. His Hairfulness felt Californians were too stupid to understand it. But, I digress…

Here is what I see: Hair Gel is doing his usual bait and switch, hedging his bets that people will be so happy with the bright, shiny objects like stimulus payments, and him blowing unicorn farts about a surplus, that they will forget that he is a serpentine liar, who does what is expedient for him. When the Recall numbers reached 2.1 million signatures, after insistence on THE SCIENCE behind lockdowns, it was amazing how quickly he moved to reopen the state. When those 2.1 million signatures turned into 1.7 million verified signatures which triggered a Recall election, he decided he’d play Lord Fauntleroy and return monies to taxpaying citizens rather than give it to illegals. My prediction: If his poll numbers don’t improve and the Recall challenges get more fierce, then this gives him space for a sudden “scientific revelation” that will allow him to lift the mask mandate sooner than June, in an attempt to look even more… princely.


It’s not working, so…

His Recall election opponents are weighing in because at this point, it’s all political fun and games:


But for those folks who have drunk the Kool-Aid, are still living in fear of their fellow person, the air, and touching surfaces, and think that the CDC has betrayed them, Gavin is, and always will be, their only savior.

Doubtful that they signed the recall petition. If the mask mandate is lifted on June 15, hopefully, they’ll be too afraid to exit their homes to participate in the recall election. Stupid is just as dangerous as the virus, maybe moreso.


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