Vaccine Passports Put Us Dangerously Close to a Fascistic America

Watching “Black Mirror” will give you some really creepy insights into what our future might look like, and one episode in particular starred Dallas Bryce Howard, who lived in a future where we lived under a social credit system. It was unsettling to watch, and I think one of the reasons is because it was just close enough to reality that it could very well happen.

Not long after the episode aired, China announced that it had something of a social score system, and more disturbing is the fact that they’re proud of it. They don’t see this as an authoritarian, dystopian issue. China’s use of the social credit scoring system allows them control over their citizens’ lives, controlling how they travel, shop, interact with other people, etc.

Americans should find this kind of thing abhorrent, yet there are too many who don’t. The proof is that they look at the vaccine passport and believe it’s something of a good idea.

Many of these people don’t see the connection between a vaccine passport and a social credit scoring system but rest assured, they’re the same thing in the way that a seed and a sunflower are the same.

Let’s say we implement the vaccine passport into our society. You can’t go anywhere without it. Gaining admittance into a store rests on whether or not you have a passport. Traveling anywhere requires you to have an updated vaccine passport. Shipping something to someone else requires a passport. The list can go on.

Rest assured, this will not be a “just for now” kind of thing, because at this point, we have an implemented system that can be updated to require other things in order to interact with the world. Now it’s not just for this vaccine, it’s for other vaccines as well. Next, it’s having a clean record when it comes to drugs or alcohol. Did you commit a felony or maybe even a high misdemeanor in the last month? It goes on your passport, and certain things may be denied to you.

Over time, the government can add whatever they want to the passport; the media will justify it by convincing everyone it’s about “safety” and next thing you know, we’ll have a social credit system that puts people under a level of control you would only read about in dystopian novels.

It sounds hyperbolic but if it’s already being implemented in another major power in another part of the world, then perhaps it’s not such a far-off concept as we think.

Keep in mind that we have some incredibly authoritarian people in America today and more of them in power than ever before. The wide-sweeping power grabs they’re conducting would have been unthinkable just 50 years ago, yet here they are, actively pushing authoritarian systems. These are the same people who are telling us that we need to remain on a certain measure of lockdown despite vaccine rollouts.

The question you should be asking is what kind of authority can they exert with these passports? What kind of punishments can they impose on those who fall out of line? Given the fact that many on the left have been known to use governmental departments to punish those who disagree with them, what kind of corruption can we expect from this scoring system?

These are important questions we need to ask ourselves. We need to be aware of the risks and dangers of such a system being implemented and do what’s necessary to make sure we don’t even set one foot on the very slippery slope that would lead to its implementation.


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