BLM and Ma'Khia Bryant's Family Are Looking for a Payday

From bodycam footage of Columbus police shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant

The grifting machine is on full tilt over the justified shooting of 16-year old Ma’Khia Bryant. From every video feed that has been released, it appears that Officer Nicholas Reardon was in the right in his heroic actions to save a girl in pink from being stabbed by Bryant.


Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), who was a former police chief in Orlando, said the police officer “appears to have responded in accordance with his training.”

In an interview with “Face the Nation,” Demings reflected on her time as a patrol officer and said those working in the community have to make split-second decisions.

“Everybody has the benefit of slowing the video down and seizing the perfect moment. The officer on the street does not have that ability. He or she has to make those split-second decisions and they’re tough,” Demings told “Face the Nation.” “But the limited information that I know in viewing the video, it appears that the officer responded as he was trained to do with the main thought of preventing a tragedy and a loss of life of the person who was about to be assaulted.”

Despite the evidence pointing toward a tragic, yet justified action, Ma’Khia Bryant’s family is now talking about suing, but they are not clear about exactly who they should sue:

The family of Ma’Khia Bryant, the teenager a policeman shot and killed Tuesday in Ohio, is reportedly considering taking legal action.

Bryant called police when two women came to her foster home in Columbus and began fighting with her, according to Deja Torrence, who is a cousin, Insider reported Friday.

“Torrence said her mother, Hazel Bryant, and Bryant’s biological mother, Paula, had spoken throughout the week, including Friday morning. They are talking with a lawyer and want to take legal action,” the outlet continued.

The cousin stated someone must be “held accountable” because “The family just doesn’t want this to be another senseless killing that goes under the rug and gets overlooked.”

However, Torrence did not say who family members want to take legal action against or detail a timeline for those plans, but claimed the foster system failed her cousin.


It’s almost like the family is sticking their thumbs in the wind to see which way things will fall. Doesn’t speak well of people who are supposedly experiencing grief.

Then Black Lives Matter (BLM) decided it needed to issue an “official” statement on the shooting. The same BLM whose co-founder has gotten rich by purchasing primo real estate with donations on dead black bodies. As my colleague Bonchie wrote:

The clearly justified police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, OH continues to garner headlines. It’s also becoming more of a rallying cry for activist organizations. That includes Black Lives Matter, which has now put out a statement that is as terrible as you’d expect.

In it, they abscond from all the facts surrounding the situation and once again promulgate a false narrative that is both stupid and dangerous.

It is getting more and more apparent that people are determined to use any police shooting, whether justified or not, as a means to enrich themselves, with media attention, and a paycheck.


After her daughter’s death, Paula Bryant, Ma’Khia Bryant’s biological mother, took to CNN to paint a picture of her genteel, sweet, daughter who was intelligent, bright, and made TikTok videos. According to the CNN report, she refuses to watch the video of the shooting.

However, this question continues to linger.

Why was Ma’Khia Bryant in foster care in the first place? What about her home life, someone else’s behavior, or even her behavior would have resulted in being removed from the home and placed as a ward of the state?

Bryant, 16, was in foster care and was under the supervision of Franklin County Children Services, according to a statement released by the organization. In the release, they said, “This was a tragic incident and FCCS is continuing its involvement with the family throughout this difficult time,” while naming Bryant and saying she was fatally shot in Southeast Columbus. Since then, several members of her family have come forward to share information about the deceased teen and the incident, much of which the police is yet to confirm.

So, even the family’s statements are not yet verified. How do we know any of them are credible? Their actions to jump to a lawsuit makes this suspect.

Also, why is no one talking about the girl in pink who could have been a victim of a stabbing had Officer Reardon not intervened? Why does her “Black life” not matter to these activists or to the Bryant family?


The girl in pink was the victim here, not Ma’Khia Bryant. But according to Fox 8 in Cleveland, this poor girl is getting doxed and threatened.

Police video this week showed a Columbus officer shot a 16-year-old girl as she was about to stab a woman. That woman went to stay with a relative in Cleveland. Then she called police to report her life is in danger. She told police Friday someone posted her current and former addresses, phone number and picture on social media. That led others to share it on social media.

Then, the woman started seeing “threatening comments” about how she “should be beat or killed.” Someone even posted “they were on their way to her current address to kill her.”

The woman told Cleveland officers that in light of the shooting and what’s happened since she is in “extreme mental anguish.”

How is the unfortunate death of one woman justification to attack and destroy the woman whose life was saved? We are in upside-down world, and the fact that Bryant’s family and BLM are not calling for the truth to be revealed and for others to maintain peace while all the facts come out, clearly shows you where their priorities lie.


Bonchie concluded his piece:

The statement ends with a proclamation that Ma’Khia Bryant’s life mattered. Yet, it appears that BLM doesn’t think the black life of the person she nearly stabbed to death matters at all. This is just another example of why BLM is a dumpster fire organization that doesn’t deserve an ounce of credibility.

Along with BLM, the fact that the Bryant family is slathering after a potential payday doesn’t speak well toward their credibility either.



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