Black Lives Matter Releases an Incredibly Awful Statement on the Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

The clearly justified police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, OH continues to garner headlines. It’s also becoming more of a rallying cry for activist organizations. That includes Black Lives Matter, which has now put out a statement that is as terrible as you’d expect.


In it, they abscond from all the facts surrounding the situation and once again promulgate a false narrative that is both stupid and dangerous.

BLM announces that they “say her name” in regards to Bryant. Why they say her name isn’t immediately clear given that we have multiple camera angles showing the 16-year-old was in the process of trying to stab to death an innocent, unarmed black girl holding her dog. Facts don’t matter to these activists, though.

The statement goes on to claim that it was Byrant who called the police for help, somehow trying to make that case that absolves her of trying to murder someone. But even that appears to be false, as the 911 call was made by someone fearful of being stabbed. Only Bryant was trying to stab people that day. Further, the claim that it was her that called the police originated from the family. That would be the same family that lied about the circumstances of the shooting early on. Regardless, it would not change the facts surrounding the shooting.

To further gaslight, BLM then says that the officer simply showed up and executed Bryant. No, what he did was respond in a split-second to a deadly threat that was about to murder another human being. It was as proper and justified of a police shooting as has ever existed. There was no other possible action to be taken except to let Bryant stab the other girl. A taser at that range would have been too slow and unreliable. He certainly didn’t have time to tackle her, and police do not tackle people with knives anyway. Firing warning shots would have been playing Russian roulette with the other girl’s life. None of those facts seem to matter to BLM, though.


Lastly, we get the typical emotional nonsense about Bryant liking to do hair and make Tik-Toks. I’m sure she did like those things. Yet, she wasn’t doing hair when she grabbed a large kitchen knife and tried to plunge it into another person the day she was shot. That is what is relevant, not her prior work on social media.

The statement ends with a proclamation that Ma’Khia Bryant’s life mattered. Yet, it appears that BLM doesn’t think the black life of the person she nearly stabbed to death matters at all. This is just another example of why BLM is a dumpster fire organization that doesn’t deserve an ounce of credibility.


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