Newsom Claims He Is Taking the Recall 'Very Seriously' by Blaming Republicans and Q-Anon

California Gov. Gavin Newsom delivers the 2021 State of the State speech from Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. CREDIT: Screenshot

As Stephen Sondheim wrote, “Send in the Clowns”! This Recall has moved past the point of interesting, to no-holds-barred tomfoolery. And none more foolish than its object, Governor Hair Gel himself. CNN, POLITICO, the SacBee, all carrying his water for him, breathlessly reporting that Newsom is “fighting back”.


Uh Huh.

From the Clown News Network:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a new campaign Monday denouncing a recall effort against him and blasting the calls for his ouster as a Republican-backed movement supported by “anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters.”

Rent-free, in their heads. To paraphrase that line from Brokeback Mountain, they just don’t know how to quit Trump.

Is this the best he can come up with? It not only reflects Newsom’s arrogance, but his laziness. His Hairfulness doesn’t fight by debunking or combating the charges lodged against him, or apologizing for being a piss-poor leader during a critical time and offer plans on how he will do better. Nope, he falls on the tired, Democrat canard of Republican plots, Trump playbooks, Q-Anon, and extremism to justify why anyone would want to Recall him.

Dude, have some imagination at least.


When Newsom spouts this type of nonsense, this is what I, and the other citizens of California, hear:

  1. The people of California are too stupid to be able to mount such an effort.
  2. Republican money is behind this.
  3. Anyone who did sign the Recall is a kook.
  4. I didn’t do anything wrong.

The last is probably the most offensive. Go see my Twitter feed if you want to know each point of his failures, but here I’ll only talk about just two: The massive, M-A-S-S-I-V-E Employment Development Department fraud, the depth of which is still being unearthed.

The most recent find: a couple in Davis, California running drugs and fielding Bank of America debit cards, which are how Californians receive their unemployment insurance funds, and are used liberally to engineer the fraud. We are looking at over 30 billion in fraudulent claims between the State UI system, and the Pandemic Unemployment funds, while hardworking California citizens have not even had their claims processed or seen a penny of unemployment monies. People have lost their homes, others are barely scraping by. This all happened on Newsom’s watch, and he doesn’t even bother to give it a mention.

The second is the horrible deficits that California children have suffered with the school closures, while Newsom’s children get the opportunity to attend in-person learning. Not only learning, but blocking these kids from playing sports has done untold damage as well, not only in channeling young people’s energy, but in hindering their progress toward scholarships and using their sports background toward higher education. If anything has been a proven science, it’s that children are neither carriers or transmitters of the virus. This has been confirmed time and time again. So to victimize developing bodies and minds for the sake of his agenda and the California Teacher’s Union is just unconscionable.


And we know it had nothing to do with the children, and everything to do with the money.

His Hairfulness has recruited all the State and National party hacks spouting this insane garbage, and most egregious, begging for money.

A new website launched by Newsom, a Democrat, to combat the recall effort seeks donations and support and is accompanied by a 30-second ad that calls the effort a “power grab.” The spot blames “violent White supremacists like the Proud Boys, who attacked our nation’s Capitol on January 6” for the push that threatens Newsom’s political future.

What happened to all that PPP money his wineries received? Maybe stop going to the French Laundry for a while? Stop begging from people who have had their livelihoods robbed from them through AB5, closed businesses, and a fraudulent EDD system.

The national Democrat heavy hitters, who obviously owe Aunt Nancy and Kamala some favors, have taken to Twitter to express their dismay at this Republican .

Fauxahontas is spouting about being naked and grabby—hasn’t she heard of #MeToo?

Ask yourself, why is a Massachusetts Senator interested in who governs California? Who is Elizabeth Warren beholden to? Why does a Masshole Leftist want to overthrow the will of the people of California?


Inquiring minds want to know.

Shifty Adam Schiff, who is practically fellating Newsom to get the Attorney General job should Xavier Becerra be confirmed as Health and Human Services Director, also weighed in.

And Spartacus had to offer his two cents as well:


Then you have the usual toadies from the State bowing in obeisance.


I am sure Bass is salivating over the fact that Newsom took to Joy Reid’s MSNBC lovefest to state he would appoint a Black Senator should Senator Dianne Feinstein choose resign.

Feinstein would be smart to hire a food taster.

The Recall effort was a long and hard fight, with lots of personal resources and shoe leather invested. Until he is out of office, it is far from over, so we fight their Clown Show with facts on the ground and a continued push toward a Recall ballot.

From the grassroots:



To the leadership at Recall Gavin 2020 and Rescue California 2021 who helped to get the Newsom Recall over the finish line of 2 million signatures.

Randy Economy was interviewed on Fox11 LA and said,

“It was his show, his party, his pandemic, and he failed miserably.”

Succinct, and on point.

Finally, Tom Del Becarro of Rescue California 2021 took to Twitter, and the Evening Edit to express his thoughts:



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