'Fire Fauci' Is Trending on Twitter, and It's Long Overdue

The activist Catturd and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe are working to get #FireFauci trending on Twitter, and they’re succeeding.


We here at RedState are no fans of the bureaucrat immunologist who ascended to the head of the federal agency NIAID, before being tapped as head of the Coronavirus Task Force by President Donald J. Trump, and now as Senior Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden. If you delve into Fauci’s background and history, it reflects less of leading through expertise, and more of someone who has always been at the right place at the right time

As my colleague Bonchie wrote:

Dr. Anthony Fauci may be a saintly figure within media circles, but most of us recognized his game within a month or two of the pandemic starting. Claiming expertise does not in fact make someone an expert, as Never Trumper Tom Nichols so aptly illustrates, and Fauci has quickly fallen into that category. The good doctor’s claims shift on a dime, moving from each side of an issue with no accountability for ever being wrong. The commonality in everything he does just so happens to be politics.

Masks, herd immunity, lockdowns, Fauci has been inconsistent, incorrect, or has flat out lied.

Of course, there are people who have tried to hijack the hashtag in order to call people who are pointing out Fauci’s fraudulence, clowns, and invoke what Trump said, because apparently he still lives Rent Free in people’s heads.


But when you’ve gotten more wrong than right, then dined out on your supposed expertise and fame while people are dying, that points to an issue of ethics and integrity; something that Fauci took an oath to uphold. I guess when you make almost half a million dollars a year, it makes it easy to forget about that.

Inconvenient Truth: People don’t like you tearing down their idols, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the Left’s favorite deity. Don’t believe me? Senator Marco Rubio had the temerity to point out that Fauci has been inconsistent and dead wrong on most everything, not to mention manipulative, and the long knives came out mighty quick!

My colleague Brandon Morse agreed: “Fauci has proven that he can’t be trusted to deliver facts.”


This was one of the responses from our brave firefighter legacy media:

the expert that has guided America through the COVID crisis…” If he guided America on a mountainous hike the same way he guided us through the COVID crisis, we’d be stuck on a mountain somewhere or dead. Sadly, lots of people are dead; many who could have been saved had it not been for Fauci’s incompetence, playing politics, and lust for fame. But according to the Democrats, Kyle Griffin, and the rest of the activist media, it’s all Trump’s fault.

The same people who despise Evangelicals and a God above them to whom they are accountable, have worshiped at the altar of this supposed scientist and hung on his every word. Even though he has shifted, changed, or walked back those very words.

Let’s start with his ever shifting positions on Masks.

Fauci has gone from, “Don’t wear a Mask”, to “Wear a Mask” to “Masks Save Lives” to “Double-masking is unnecessary” to “Double-masking saves lives”. Like a bad version of “Whose on First”, he just goes round and round, and us “straight men” are more and more frustrated.


Here is Fauci on 60 Minutes last year, saying that Masks are unnecessary and they should only be used by medical personnel.

Then there was the time Fauci changed his mind on Double-masking within less than a one-week period.

And lately Fauci has lamented how politicizing the masks has been the reason for so many lost lives.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Exactly what has Fauci done for over 30 years? How about the last year? As an unelected bureaucrat who gets to play politics as part of his job, who exactly caused the politicization?

Asking for a friend.

My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote on how Fauci praised the COVID work of Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, and claimed that he was a glowing example of doing it “correctly”.

Back in July, Fauci – who at the time was the director of the NIAID and one of the more prominent members of President Trump’s coronavirus task force – told PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff that when it came to managing the crisis, Gov. Cuomo “did it correctly“:

“We know that, when you do [testing] properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York. New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly by doing the things that you’re talking about.”

We now know for a fact the only “work” Cuomo did was bloviate and kill old people. Suddenly Fauci, a man who has something to say about everything that has nothing to do with his area of expertise, had no comment.


When asked directly by CNN about the Cuomo nursing home scandal, Fauci said, “If I make a statement, it could either be incorrect or taken out of context.”

Would have been nice if he had done that much reflection before spouting off about Masks, herd immunity, and hydroxychloroquine.

Damn straight. Janice Dean lost her in-laws to Cuomo’s nursing home malfeasance and cover up. But Dr. Fauci has no comment on those lives lost. A friend of mine calls him, “Dr. Faux-si” and it fits.

Probably the most egregious act of late by the now “Senior Medical Advisor” to Joe Biden is Fauci’s dissing the Trump administration on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Say what you will about Trump’s handling of the crisis, Operation Warp Speed was a success, and NIH Director Francis Collins has gone on record to affirm this. Trump delivered what he said he would: a vaccine by the end of the year.

The Biden administration is insistent on painting the narrative that the Trump administration left them no plan for COVID-19 response, which is a blatant lie, and Americans know it. President-in-waiting Kamala Harris has been the main face of this, along with Press Secretary Raggedy Jen Psaki. Fauci was there; he knew what went on. Instead of defending the record of the work done by countless individuals who deserve credit, he just throws them and Trump under the bus:


Brandon Morse rightly concluded

“Clearly, Fauci is running defense for the Biden administration, specifically Harris who is blatantly lying. He’s now trying to interpret her words on national television to take the edge off but is still falling flat as vaccination rollout is clearly ongoing and increasing as per the plan.

“Fauci isn’t an expert, he’s a political goon.”

A bald-faced goon who needs to go. #FireFauci.


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