Rubio Busts Fauci for Lying, But CNN Isn't Going to Let Rubio Get Away With Telling the Truth

Rubio Busts Fauci for Lying, But CNN Isn't Going to Let Rubio Get Away With Telling the Truth
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We’re written multiple stories in which we noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci had lied about wearing masks and lied about the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity.

It’s not debatable, he’s admitted it.

First he said that masks were not helpful in an outbreak and in fact could be more problematic because of people always touching their face and fiddling with the mask. Now he’s going along with the narrative that masks are protectants and should be worn.

Then Fauci admitted he had based his estimate of the numbers needed for herd immunity on what polls and a guesstimate, based on what he thought Americans would accept, not on scientific reality.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) pointed out this lie on Twitter.

Then Democrats and liberal media just descended upon him accusing Rubio of lying about Fauci. How dare he cast doubt on that ‘national treasure’ Fauci (even if Fauci himself admitted he lied). None of them were at all concerned about the problematic nature of Fauci admitting he lied and manipulated the American people. Fauci’s now done that, multiple times. How can you believe him when he does that? But media didn’t seem to have the slightest concern about that.

How does he square this with the fact that Fauci said the president always followed his advice? How do we get to Trump is a villain for following Fauci, but Fauci is a god for giving that advice? It’s maddening how insane that reasoning is.

CNN seemed so invested in defending Fauci they actually came up with a “fact check” on Rubio, claiming it was he who was “false and misleading,” despite all reality.

Facts First: Rubio’s claims are false and misleading. Fauci did not lie about masks. Though Fauci, along with several other US health leaders, did initially advise people not to wear masks, his guidance evolved along with the scientific community’s understanding of the coronavirus. Similarly, Fauci has insisted any change in the numbers he’s provided regarding herd immunity is due in large part to new science and representative of the fact that there’s a range of estimates for the necessary level.

Do they understand there’s actual video, so we can actually hear exactly what he was saying? And that he admitted not telling the truth? This ridiculous “evolving guidance” claim is nonsense. Even Fauci said he lied to protect the mask supply for health care workers. That lie is not alright and it creates the lack of ability to trust him or anything he says. Either masks protect against virus particles that mostly are too small for the masks to prevent, or they do do not. Either there’s a definitive range for herd immunity or there is not. But with Fauci, what we get is what the popular narrative is. Until it changes to another narrative. Unfortunately, CNN and other media have given up on journalism or they might actually think this was something about which to be concerned.

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