Fauci Is Not Your Friend

Fauci Is Not Your Friend
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Dr. Anthony Fauci was someone many looked up to at first. He was at President Donald Trump’s right hand during the Coronavirus’s debut and was thought to be one of the people who would responsibly lead us through the 15 days of lockdown in order to flatten the curve. Afterward, he would advise Trump responsibly and without agenda.

All of that proved to be absolutely false. Like many elitists, not only did Fauci’s advice border on the absurd, there was an agenda behind it which even he now admits to being true.

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Fauci’s lies about how America could achieve herd immunity show that he’s willing to feed false information to the people in order to manipulate people into behaving in ways that he believes to be “correct.” This is the same man that told Florida they were asking for trouble by releasing their lockdowns. Now it’s clear that Florida was right to do so as their case numbers are drastically lower than states like California, whose lockdowns have escalated virus numbers into the stratosphere.

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But moreover, Fauci’s grasp on American principles is sorely lacking making him the last person you want to take any advice from. According to the Washington Times, Fauci believes that state’s rights are the reason the Coronavirus is spreading like it is:

Anthony Fauci, the doctor at the heart of the coronavirus storm — the one whose words of advice and guidance have been taken by politicians as sacrosanct, to be carried into mainstream America as orders — just told BBC Radio 4 that it’s that pesky ol’ 10th Amendment that has proven a real detriment to disease-fighting.

He wants total federal clamp-downs and few-to-zero sovereign state COVID-19 decisions.

Of course, he didn’t explicitly say all this. He gave it the Fauci Treatment — meaning, he said as much using subtle rhetoric that sounded oh-so-soft and compassionate. Logical, even.

“The states,” he said, CNN reported, “are very often given a considerable amount of leeway in doing things the way they want to do it, as opposed to in response to federal mandates which are, relatively, rarely given. … [But the coronavirus] doesn’t know the difference between the border of New York and New Jersey, or Florida and Georgia.”

I need only point to the Florida/California numbers to highlight just how state’s rights work in spreading the virus. The freer a state is, the less it seems to spread and figuring out why isn’t hard. Isolation in small spaces makes transmitting the virus more likely, and if you’re looking to spread a virus further, then only allow people to go to singular places for their food and supplies.

For a scientist and a doctor, Fauci seems to have ignored common sense and other medical facts about COVID-19 quite a bit. At this point, it’s clear that Fauci isn’t your friend. He’s lied to you, falsified data, and seems to lean more toward you giving up your freedoms to elitists whose goals seem to revolve more around power than safety.

The smart thing for state politicians to do is to ignore Fauci and do what Florida is doing. Open the states up, release people from the lockdowns, and see to it that the American people have their way of life restored. State leaders should rely on doctors without agendas for advice and ditch the one-size-fits-all approach that the elites push, including Fauci.

It’s time these authoritarians and charlatans are kicked to the curb.

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