Is the Gavin Newsom Recall a Reality? Anne Dunsmore of Rescue California 2021 Weighs In

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On Tuesday, California citizens who care about election integrity — and have watched as it went south in November 2020 — received some disheartening news about the balloting method for the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.


BizPac Review reports,

California’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed a bill Tuesday that requires all current, active registered voters to be sent a ballot by mail even if they never asked for one ahead of a potential recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Lawmakers claimed the bill is necessary in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which was their justification for passing a similar bill last year ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Yet another hurdle of the dirty tricks that have been thrown at the Recall. But, whether Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrat Supermajority like it, the Recall is happening, and the same people who distributed and signed the petition will also ensure they make their voices heard on the finality of the vote. There are also efforts to ensure that legitimate votes are the only thing that get counted in this effort.

That expression ,“fool me once” applies here, and we will not be fooled again.

Most everyone in the State, and especially the nation, are talking about this effort and what it could portend not only for the State of California, but for other States (like New York) who are looking to jettison their terrible leadership; and we’ve had a lion’s share this past year. California is finally leading the way into something worthy of admiration and duplication, so we cannot choke now.

However, we are still hearing from the Gloomy Gusses and the naysayers who feel that even if the signatures are achieved, the actual Recall might not go through for obvious reasons, like the mail-in balloting mess. The actual signature process and what happens once they are attained is also confusing, and even pollsters and other so-called experts tend to get it wrong.


On February 10, Rescue California 2021’s Campaign Manager and Finance Director Anne Dunsmore spoke with Siyamak Khorammi on the Epoch Times’ California Insider to discuss the Recall effort and its progress.

The beauty of this discussion is that Dunsmore broke down the actual Recall process with concise detail, better than the talking heads on cable ever could. Dunsmore also gave insight into why the Recall will happen, and how we will see a new governor in place before October of 2021.

The California Insider host Khorammi launched the discussion with a question about those doubters and naysayers. He wanted Dunsmore’s opinion: Will a Recall of Gavin Newsom occur?

“Train left the station… train left the station, it’s going through,” Dunsmore affirmed. “We’re ahead of schedule on the accumulation of signatures. We’re at 1.4 [million] today, as we speak, we will probably be at 1.5 early next week. We have four more weeks, almost five, so if you just took the rate that we’re going at, we’ll hit the numbers that we need to hit, and I think we’ll actually be ahead of that.”

Since Dunsmore’s interview last week, the Recall has not only hit that 1.5 million number, it has already moved beyond it.

Randy Economy, the Senior Advisor for the partner Recall organization, the grassroots RecallGavin2020, was more than happy to announce this:


This is a movement, indeed. Despite what media like KCRA (which is on team Newsom anyway) or pollsters like Pyers posit, these are the actual number of validated signatures. Dunsmore delved more deeply into how that process worked.

“You really want to try and have an 82 percent validity rate, which would put us at 1.8 million as a buffer. Some campaigns have been able to do 1.6, that’s 110 percent, and get there. We’re going to go for a minimum of 1.8, and frankly our goal is 2 million. So, we’re on track to do that.”

And here is where, beyond the potential fraud built into the mail-in ballots, other dirty tricks can come in, as Dunsmore explained:

“That’s when it gets a little interesting, because that’s where they can really start to game the system, the people that don’t want to see this Recall succeed.”

…people like San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and his Assemblywoman wife Lorena Gonzalez (AD-SnakePit). The wannabe power couple were among the engineers behind a press conference (that has since been memory-holed), where Democrats called the Recall effort a “Coup”, bridging fallacious comparisons to the unrest on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol, and painting it as a right-wing attack on the will of the voters.

That went over like a lead balloon, and this bunch was rightly rebuked for their efforts.

As Dunsmore emphasized,

“This is a citizen movement, you can’t profile it. That was the most compelling reason to get involved as a professional who has been in this business for… way too long, 40 some odd years.

“You can’t profile these people, the 1.4 million who have already signed, the 2 million that will ultimately sign this petition as a way to voice their unhappiness with Gavin Newsom’s lack of understanding of what is impacting his citizens in this state. And the discomfort and impossibility of maintaining a quality of life that’s healthy.”


Here is what is at issue and fuels this partisan desperation: now that the Recall is a reality, Fletcher and his ilk see their free ride on Gavin’s Gravy Train coming to a screeching halt.

Fletcher recently decided to prop the Governor up by having Newsom do a brief introduction to his State of the County address. Clearly reflecting his disconnect from reality, Newsom blew smoke up the San Diego citizens’ asses with his usual hokum like, “Hope being on the horizon” and “we are ready to heal.”

But I can agree with his Hairfulness—hope is on the horizon because we get to remove him from office and elect someone who can finally lead us toward healing in this State; and we are definitely ready for that.

What RecallGavin2020 and Rescue California 2021 have done in acquiring the signatures is exceptionally smart. By cutting down some of the arduous process, and ensuring the integrity of their numbers, they have increased the confidence and momentum of Californians in the Recall effort.

Dunsmore delved more into that process,

“You have to turn in all the signatures to every single County registrar of voters—that’s the first part. And we’ve been doing that weekly, because we know that the first thing they’ll say is, ‘Oh, we’ve gotten too much and it’s going to take us extra time, so we need to move the deadline back.’ We’re trying to mitigate that by turning them in weekly, so the registrars then have time to finish counting and validating.”

And what does validation mean, exactly? Merely checking for duplicates and voter registration, and ensuring that the petition was signed properly.


“Those are the two key points that they look for to take a name off or leave it on, or make it valid. So, we do in-house validation before we send the signatures down to the Counties. We’re working closely with the original petitioners in doing that, we use the same internal validation company. The original petitioners are the ones that are required to actually submit the signatures to the Counties.”

Once the signatures are completed and validated, then the fun truly begins. Besides the scourges from San Diego, there are other elected and monied actors, including the newly installed Secretary of State, who don’t want their free ride to end.

Also per Assemblyman Kiley, our placeholder Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis had this to say:

If by “quirky” she means “constitutional”, then yeah, it’s quirky. But the fact that this useless official has nothing weighty to say about something so consequential speaks volumes on the next phase of the process.

Dunsmore continued,

“This is going to sound very tangled—and it is—it’s typical bureaucracy. That’s what they’re going to game is the bureaucratic loopholes that allow them to extend, and extend, and extend what is ultimately going to be the setting of a date for a special election.

“I think if they game it completely, to the nth degree, you’re looking at an election that in June, the Lieutenant Governor—once everybody reports to everybody else, and so forth, and so on—that the Lieutenant Governor announces the setting of a date for a special election that will be sometime in late August, and no later than early September. Which is lovely, because there is a whole round of bills coming up that will have to be signed by whoever the governor is by October 15.”


Host Khorammi then delved into the reasons fueling why people want Gavin Newsom recalled.

“We have the highest taxes in the nation. We have the highest homeless rate in the nation. We have the highest jobless rate in the nation. These are not lists that anybody ought to be bragging about being Number One on, and that’s what you’re seeing,” Dunsmore said.

“Then you see the reasons for it every day. Shuttered businesses, commercial real estate, available for lease signs everywhere you go, people, friends and family fleeing the state.

“People saying, ‘I have no faith that California will come back in my lifetime, and I can only hope that if my children choose to stay here that something happens and I will try my best to do something about that.’

“That’s what you’re seeing, that’s what you’re hearing that’s what you feel whenever the topic comes up, it’s bordering on Sad.

“And as we know, anger is a version of sad, and hopeless, when you reach down into the reasons that people are feeling this way.”

As to the recent L.A. Times article trying to attach the Recall to far-right organizations and Q-Anon cultists, Dunsmore had this to say:

“We’re seeing a groundswell that I challenge them to continue to make this political. It’s not political, it’s a citizen movement. Everybody is unhappy with him, otherwise you wouldn’t see terms like ‘plummeting’ and ‘tanking’ being used in response to the new numbers that are out on his polling and his approval ratings. And I don’t think he’s hit bottom yet, but he will.


“So I say to the governor and anybody else who’s advising him, go on and keep on this track. Because if you do that, and you continue to be political and label this as a Trump movement, or a White Supremacist movement, or a ‘Coup’, you’re being unreasonable, you’re being unfair, and this is why you are not serving the citizens of this State; because you don’t understand how they’re feeling, and how your lack of planned policies are impacting their life. You screw around with their children and their children’s future and you’re going to start seeing even more resentment. So, keep it up, you’re flaming the fire.”


Two million signatures is in reach, and we still have more than a few weeks before the deadline of March 17. If you have not yet signed the petition, visit and join the movement.

For Californians who are still fuzzy on what is happening with the process, and for the rest of the nation who are looking to hear beyond the media gaslighting and noise, this is a must watch interview.




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